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It's the nightly news at ... 5:36pm!

Today was interesting. In the highlights ...

- I'm out of any involvement in the swimming carnival. Hence, for the next four Fridays, I come home at lunchtime and the fifth Friday, I stay home all day. My sport exemption will almost certainly be passed, so after that fifth Friday, I'll still be coming home early. Excellent.

- We're reading Hamlet this year for English. This pleases me. Lauren, remember that idea we discussed? Are you up for some MacBeth?

- The forecasted violent late afternoon/early evening storm has failed to materialise yet. Hopefully it won't. Maybe elsewhere is getting thoroughly wasted and it's avoiding us. There was just a warning on TV that a severe one with damaging winds will hit within an hour, though I'm not seeing it ... hopefully it'll miss us.

- Sam and I got into a big argument about tolerance.

- Patrick and I got into an argument because he drives me insane. This resulted in him slapping - yes, slapping - me on the side of the face, a few heated words exchanged, and them him storming off with Grant and Hamilton in tow. This pleased me greatly, because I don't like the company of those perverts. Then Sam decided to get pissed off with me about something and stormed off to wherever Tom was. That made no sense at all.

- We met my new English/Geography teacher today. I wonder what we'll nickname her ...? In any case, she isn't what I'd define as the nicest person, but I like her because she doesn't take crap from the English class and she'll certainly shut up the disruptive types we have in there. Apart from Aaron, Sam, and myself, all the guys in my English class are disruptive louts and need someone to pull them into line.

- Chapel - or, as it's now nicknamed, Crapel - was just as flaky as usual. I'm sick and tired of the lame brand of Christianity that's floating around now. It has no solid theological base, it seems to have no grasp of reality, it's just all lovey-dovey. When I first arrived at the school, I felt like they were trying to scare people to Christ with the Hell threat, and now it's like they've determined atheists aren't scared that easily so they'll try the "God loves you so much and has a plan for your life" trick. The chaplain tried to claim that they don't aim for chapel to be entertaining but to be worship, but anyone with a brain knows that's a pile of crap. They want it to be enjoyable and likeable, and they fail terribly at it. Maybe if the chaplain's sermons had some substance ... but no, I don't think he's quite that skilled.

- Got my textbooks before almost everyone else. That's the wonder of being in study class in the library. Yesterday the library computers crashed so we had to live without textbooks, and because that makes class time an absolute waste, everyone was eager to get them. Nothing much of interest, though.

- My German stinks.

- Zimbabwe has been set a target of 264 by Australia. Considering they've achieved more than 270 in both of their last games and come within a few runs of winning, I feel Zimbabwe can win this one. Their fielding was beyond superb - I saw two brilliant runouts and a fantastic catch. One of the runouts ... talk about getting the bounce right. It bounced up off the ground and smashed straight into the top of the wickets, with the batsman a good few inches out of his crease. I enjoyed it.

- I'm going to hold off on getting a laptop until later this year when I have more money and can go through a contact Sam has whereby I get a new one cheaper than normal. I would love one now ... maybe if I spot a really cheap one in the Trading Post I'll get it. I'll have to wait and see.

- Jamie's unimpressed that I've decided to make a fresh start with Burns, but I simply can't bring myself to really dislike the bloke, and if anything, I pity him for his stupidity and naivety. Speaking of him, it's funny how whenever he walks past a group of guys in my grade, they start chanting "Two weeks! Two weeks!" at him. Two weeks is the length of time Rhiana was up; one of them is friends with Burns's older brother. They don't know about what Burns and Rhiana did, but they're making their assumptions, and they're correct.

- I must say I feel bad at how badly I've really not valued Aaron in the past. He's a great bloke and I enjoy talking with him, despite the fact he's eccentric and insane and sometimes effeminate at times. Really, I cannot convey an accurate impression of Aaron because he needs to be experienced. He's truly unique, very much an individual, and he doesn't compromise that for anyone or anything. I admire that. He's also finally got the Internet, which is fantastic, and I might tell him about the existence of this. I trust the bloke to keep quiet about it. I may also let Sam in on it one day ... he does, after all, know I have it, just he doesn't know of the address or anything.

- Whee, I love downloading concerts. Trading is even better. My Christchurch and Sydney VCDs and Auckland audio should be here tomorrow or Monday, and I'm now doing a trade for Popmart Buenos Aires and Popmart Santiago VCDs and New York 25/10/01 audio. Awesomeness.

- I fear they're cancelling M*A*S*H. They better not be. But I'm going to watch it today just in case it is the last one.

--- 7:06pm ---

So Robby left and now he's back again. Make up your mind, boy.

--- 10:08pm ---

So Aaron's finally online. I'm proud: he's not a u-user like Sam can be. Good on you, Erroneous.

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