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It's all about the letter U and the number 2

For the record, I have just made the ultimate playlist of pretty much everything on my computer that I liked - and because I selected some CDs I'd ripped all in one go, a few songs I'm not overly fond of by bands I like - with a grand total of 366. Non-U2 songs that is. The tally, complete with U2 songs, is, most ironically - prepare to gasp at the amount - 1466. Yes, I seriously do have 1100 U2 tracks. Those of you who want to criticise that, I know what you think, so there's no need to waste your time or mine by repeating it. And yes, I think I'm insane and absolutely mad, too. I can empathise with how you feel.

Please note, by the way, that I have a heap of video files that I have omitted from this playlist because I want it to be purely audio files, and that at least two concerts (plus some other files) were not included because they're in .ram format and that isn't supported on Winamp 3, my favourite media player. And yes, I am going to keep on acquiring concerts. What I want to know is the total play time of this playlist ... anyone know if there's any way to make Winamp tell me? While I'm asking, does anyone know of an addition that allows it to play .ram files?

Nothing much of note happened today. I'm just enjoying this week, because it has been fantastic, one of my best ... though I do feel guilty, in a way, because I know other people whose weeks have been less than pleasant. I guess it's just I'd rather bad things happened to me than to them. Though why should I feel guilty? I should enjoy this week for what it is. OK, so I've had some bouts of cynicism and such, but all in all, I've enjoyed some fantastic cricket, I've got some fantastic music and other presents, and really, things have been the way I like them, calm and relaxing. Though that cynicism is lurking there, it came out in one of my previous entries, and though I don't want it to come back, it probably will.

Oh, and history never repeats? Pish-posh. It just DID. I just watched one of the most amazing cricket games I have ever seen, between Zimbabwe and India. A few years ago, I remember when Zimbabwe fell just three or so runs short of beating Australia. They would have done it had Andrew Symonds not been moved in his fielding position. There was this portion of the field that the batsman was putting his shots in, and the fielder defending it wasn't fast enough to block shots to stop the batsman coming back for two. But he was swapped with Symonds, who is a very fast runner and could stop the second run. Had he not been moved, Zimbabwe would've won on the last ball, but in any case, he was, and Zimbabwe just fell short. Today, they were on the charge against India, and it was amazing viewing. The victory was always on. Two of their batsmen made centuries and then they just went at it in the last few overs seeing they had seven wickets in hand. Wickets fell, runs were scored all over the show, but it wasn't enough. When Blignaut went in the last over, with seven to get off three, I knew it was over. Heath Streak was on strike, missed the third-to-last ball, leaving it as seven off two and effectively dooming it. He got one off the last ball, leaving Ebrahim to get six off one. Yes, SIX off ONE. He had to hit the hardest shot in cricket, a six (that is, hitting the ball out of the - massive - field of play on the full) and only had one ball to do it in to win the game. He swung, it was a good hit, it was flying towards the boundary ... but it wasn't good enough. It bounced, so at best they could get a four and fall one short (a four is hitting it out but not on the full), but then a fielder cut it off just short of the boundary rope and they ran in two.

Zimbabwe lost by THREE runs. AGAIN. Damn it. I LIKE Zimbabwe. Ever since the gutsy effort when they nearly beat Australia (they had to make over 300, more than a run a ball), I've admired them, and I really wanted to see them win. It would have been so nice. Damn India. But at least India didn't do what Australia once did. Here's some cricket history, and it also might explain why I don't support the Aussie cricket team. One test, in 1988 I think it was, New Zealand had to hit a six off the last ball of a test match to win. In cricket, you are not allowed to bowl underarm ... now. Underarm bowling used to be done, but it faded out around 1920 and no-one ever thought to write it out of the rules. It was still in the rules, but few were aware, and those who were, were gentlemen (cricket is the gentlemen's game, after all) and didn't do it. Unfortunately, that was only general, not all-encompassing. The Chappell brothers got together and decided to bowl an underarm ball, which you simply cannot hit a six off. It was the most disgraceful, low move, and not only has New Zealand never let Australia forget the Underarm Bowling Incident, but Australia was well and truly shamed in the entire cricket world.

My memory on that might be slightly faulty seeing I wasn't quite aware of cricket at the time (it might have even been before I'm born, I struggle to remember the date) and I basically know the story second-hand through my family, but the Underarm Bowling Incident will live on as quite possibly the lowest moment in Australian sporting history ... and considering the nation's obsession with sport, Australian history full stop.

In other news, it's been stormy today. Funness, though I always get a bit worried when it starts to get violent, just because the last thing I want is a power surge killing my computer or going up the phone line and blowing my modem (we lost a phone that way just after we moved here). I need to get my surge protector looked at because it doesn't seem to be working, that's the main reason behind my worry. We had one major storm roll through a few hours ago, and then it got a bit heavy again not too long ago, but it's eased off. The weatherman reckons it'll keep storming through the night, but as they say, weather forecasting is the only job where you're actually paid to be wrong 98% of the time. Oh, and being a politician is the only job where you're paid to lie a similar amount of the time.

Yeah, so. That is all. Reading calls.

--- 9:40 --

Wait, not quite.

you are palegreen

Your dominant hue is green. You're logical and steadfast, focused on figuring life out and doing what makes sense. You value being trusted because you know you're taking the time to figure things out and everyone should just follow you.

Your saturation level is lower than average - You don't stress out over things and don't understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the html color quiz

That's pretty true. So people, just follow me and agree; everything will be fine in the end.

For now, The Cardinal Of The Kremlin. I'm loving this book.
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