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I am about to make an announcement

Alright, I have taken things into consideration, and this has resulted me to decree the following; I am predicting U2's new album will be released on Bono's 44th birthday, May 10 (World)/May 11 (North America). The first single will come out sometime in late March or early April (possibly on Saint Patrick's Day or Easter). However, should there be a sudden release of a single in early February, then the album will be released just before Saint Patrick's Day, March 15 (World)/March 16 (North America).

Now let's see if time proves me right.

Had my hair cut this morning. It's kind of odd, actually. I keep on going to run a hand through it only to realise there's not much there. After I got my hair cut, we headed over to the music shop and I got Evanescence's Fallen CD. From my first listen, it sounds very good, I didn't want to skip anything. There's few CDs where I don't skip anything. Those would be;

U2: Boy, October, Under A Blood Red Sky, The Unforgettable Fire, Wide Awake In America, Achtung Baby, Zooropa.
(I skip The Refugee and Red Light on War, Trip Through Your Wires on The Joshua Tree, Love Rescue Me on Rattle And Hum, Miami, The Playboy Mansion, and If You Wear That Velvet Dress on Pop and I really can't say much about All That You Can't Leave Behind because I haven't listened to it for ages)
Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (I don't think of Cure For The Itch as a track)
Evanescence: Fallen

Also went to Goldstein's Bakery. There is nowhere better. Nowhere else makes sausage rolls anywhere near as good as them. Some days I wish they were worldwide, but then I realise that would send the quality down the drain and I'm just happy for them to have a few outlets on the Gold Coast and that's it. After we went there, we went down to the bookshop and Mum spent a book voucher she had. Just as we went to leave, she spotted something behind the counter and bought it for me - Tom Clancy's The Teeth Of The Tiger, down at $15 from $50 in hardback. We have the most incredible luck with books, truly. Tonight I might spend a good deal of time reading. Or writing. I need more hours in the day.

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