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The Chronicles of André's 17th Birthday, as told by ... André

Today, in a word, was good. It had the potential to have been better, but was nonetheless a satisfying birthday. It's just a shame every birthday I remember my 12th ... one of the worst days of my life. But that's a story I don't want to get into and I'm already trying to tell one as it is.

OK, so I was woken around 9am or so by my mother singing happy birthday into my then-sleeping ear, and I opened my eyes to see three presents instead of the one that Mum implied I'd be getting. So that was delightful. One was some good pens, because I needed some, and $20, the second was a plain black shirt, just like what I like to wear (and I may get it made into a custom U2 shirt), and the third was the U2 Elevation 2001 Live In Boston DVD that I was eee-ing about earlier. I then noticed a present Nan had posted over, which I opened to find the other thing I was eee-ing over and have been wearing all day, a New Zealand All Blacks shirt. I have wanted one for AGES and now I finally have one. Hooray! Whee, this is great. I am going to wear it to my Australian school on the next non-uniform day just for laughs.

I'm also going to get my custom U2 shirt made by then. I shall probably use my black shirt Mum gave me, and possibly have the following picture on the front;

Along with "We thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong" and maybe other quotes on the back.

But I have gotten off course. This was my first birthday on which I've had rain, with some light drizzle in the morning that built up until around lunchtime, when it just burst and it poured down. I haven't seen rain that heavy in ages. There was a good deal of intense thunder and lightning, the rain, fog, and cloud was so thick we could barely see over the road, let alone over the Gold Coast, and the power went down for a time. Fun, actually. The pool did a good job of overflowing. Then the storm melted away and Karina and Dave (Aunt and Uncle) showed up. They gave me some blank CDRs, which I desperately needed, and $20. Then they and Mum decided it'd be a good idea to stand around and talk, so after about ten minutes of my room being thoroughly invaded, I got up and shooed them out, which turned into a humorous moment I enjoyed. With my solitude back, I was content again, then in the evening we went to get my favourite, Subway, for dinner. On the way back, we noticed the most beautiful sunset. The rain had cleared and cracks appeared in the clouds, and this most stunning yellow/orange glow spread over the ripples of cloud. I wish I'd taken a photo, it's one of the best sunsets I've ever had the privilege of seeing.

Upon arriving home, I whacked on the Boston DVD while we had dinner, and spent a most enjoyable evening watching that. Quality show. On reflection, despite prior statements to the contrary, it's probably better than Slane, but it doesn't have the standout "That's the best performance of song-such-and-such" that Slane has (Angel Of Harlem and Walk On). Though they have similar setlists and are from the same era, the shows are, to me, quite different. Quite enjoyable, too.

So then I got online and ended up here. Hooray.

Thus concludeth the Chronicles of André's Seventeenth Birthday. I bid you adieu.
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