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Firstly, happy birthday to my friend Chris, even if it's a day late and even though he's not reading this. It's interesting and saddening how you can drift away from people you grew up with. Chris and I were friends since birth - our mothers met in hospital - and grew up together. So many of my early memories involve him. I had various friends who came in and out of my life - Shane, whose brother and father both committed suicide and could have done so himself by now, Philip, who randomly vanished from my life, Ben, the quiet little boy who I hope amounts to something, Emily and Claire, the twins I randomly met years after we lost contact and didn't hear from since - but Chris was always my friend. Chris M, as opposed to Chris J, who seems to keep on randomly coming in and out of my life and probably became a drug addict. When I left NZ, Chris and I would send daily faxes, I'd visit him every holiday there and sometimes stay the night, he even came here for a holiday, and then we slowly started to drift apart. Last time I spoke to him was a good few months ago, when NZ won the Bledisloe Cup. I can't believe how I barely speak to him any more, though I don't like who he's growing up to become.

Secondly, happy birthday to Sam, even if it's two days late and he won't be reading this, though knowing my luck he will be soon. Mum and Alan are going on holiday in February - late February, I think - and if Nan's not back from NZ by then, I'll have to stay at Sam's and I'll want to update my LJ while I'm there (it's blocked at school), so I'll have to tell him. Or maybe, Lauren, I could e-mail updates to you from school, but that means I won't be able to read my friends page. Blah. I hope Nan gets back.

Thirdly, to state the glaringly obvious, it's my birthday tomorrow, and my family, being my family, wants to take me out for lunch. On normal years I've been unable to refuse. This year, however, I finally have an excuse. After the last couple of days, I'm thoroughly exhausted and want to just sleep. No lunch for me, thank you. I just want to sleep in for my birthday and not go anywhere. We had a good time last night and today, though . We played lots of Gravitation (insanely addictive old Playstation game) and watched lots of movies. We went to rent some tapes from the video store just a couple of blocks from Sam's house and yep, it rained on the way there, and got heavier on the way back. By the time we got back to Sam's, I was soaked. I was the only one who'd denied a jacket because when we left, it was only lightly drizzling and I like the rain, I never anticipated getting so thoroughly soaked. I had to borrow clothes off Sam, but the problem was he's much taller than me and all that fit me was a white t-shirt and an equally as white pair of trousers. I got compared to a M*A*S*H doctor, a mental patient, a test cricketer, and Sam's sisters asked me why I was wearing pyjamas. Ah, funny.

So anyhow, we put on some of the tapes and watched some Monty Python - by 'some', I mean two hours or so - and then The Mothman Prophecies came on one of the movie channels Sam has at his house, so we watched that. Brilliant movie, I really enjoyed it. When it finished, we put on Bruce Almighty - which we got on DVD - and seeing I'd already seen it, I went to bed my makeshift 'bed' on the couch and listened from there, trying to doze off. Then the DVD decided it'd be a good idea to fail at the 30 minute mark. That was amusing. The entire player froze - the screen went blank, and no matter what Sam tried, NOTHING happened. Then somehow it opened and we observed the DVD was scratched. So there went that. At this point, I was quite tired and had been pleased Bruce Almighty had been put on because I didn't care if I missed something I'd already seen, but with the demise of the DVD, Sam put on Monty Python: The Life Of Brian, which I haven't seen and wanted to see. So I watched some - I love the stoning scene, with men pretending to be women pretending to be men - and then retreated to my couchbed to watch the rest from a distance that's really too far for me to see much. At some point around 1-1:30 I fell asleep and I have no idea about the others ...

... that is, until I was rudely awoken at 5:22 (I looked at my watch). I'd been sleeping on the couch, Aaron was on a mattress right by me, Jamie was on the floor (claiming he could sleep anywhere and denying a stretcher/camping-bed thing, he only got about half an hour of sleep), and Sam on a mattress right by him. For some reason, both Aaron and Jamie were awake, and also for some reason, probably a different reason, Jamie was going to throw a bedspread over Aaron. That's all well and good apart from the fact he missed and it landed right on me instead. I woke up, and at first I was going to go straight back to sleep, having acquired another bedspread, but then I got this horrid thought "Oh no, someone made a joke about playing a joke on me, AND NOW THEY'RE DOING IT!" So I got up and demanded to know what was going on. Having learnt the reassurring answer, I tossed the bedspread down onto Aaron and tried to get back to sleep. It wasn't to be for at least another 10-20 minutes. Aaron had broken out into laughter, which was reignited every time he looked at Jamie. This caused Jamie to laugh, which caused Aaron to laugh even more, and I rolled over at least a couple of times to tell them to shut up and go back to sleep. Sam says he also woke up, though he appeared to be asleep to me. I'm not surprised he woke up. But I got back to sleep - when Aaron and Jamie decided to head outside and talk instead of disturbing us - and Sam and I arose at a much more reasonable time two hours later for breakfast. This was eaten while watching Mission To Mars, and although I've seen it before, I enjoyed it all the same.

We then came back here, getting a new and better copy of Bruce Almighty on the way, and watched it over lunch, and then played a few games of pool, watched more Python while doing so, and otherwise mucked around until it was time for everyone to head home, and that was that. Apart from how Sam tried to do some stuff on my computer - hooray, I now have RealPlayerWhateverItIs - and we found out WinMX is thoroughly stuffed and won't work on my computer. We have no idea why, so I'm going to get Kazaa Lite.

Oh, and Sam also gave me the (mp3-sourced) bootlegs he owed me. My tally of 11 O'clock Tick Tock copies has increased, and here's a list of the boots;

- Rock's Hottest Ticket, 29 April 1987, Chicago
- Another Time Another Place, 6 March 1981, Boston (two fantastic performances of 11 O'clock Tick Tock, and Touch is amazing)
- Like A Song, 26 February 1983, Dundee, so named because it's the only concert Like A Song ... was performed at.
- 30 October 2001, Providence
- 25 October 2001, New York (I may be trading for the NY show the night beforehand with someone in NZ soon)
- 8 August 2001, Barcelona, incomplete, I'm so glad I've downloaded the full boot from elsewhere.
- 1 August 2001, Arnhem, The Netherlands
- 21 July 2001, Turino, Italy
- 28 August 1993, Dublin
- 22 October 1984, Bordeaux

Very cool, I'm most pleased. U2 fans may also appreciate the rarity of the song in my current music. For now, I am off to bed. Or I might write, despite my tiredness, because I feel in a writing mood.

--- 10:06pm ---

Wait, I'm not doing either. Two things I must mention.

1. Eeeep, wibble, quiver, and all that. In exactly ten months, I will have finished high school for good. We got the term dates for the year today, and not only are our holidays longer than normal - two weeks for Easter (woah, second year in a row it's been more than 10 days, I'm liking this) and 26 days instead of 21 for winter are the two most notable - but the grade twelves finish on November 16, and the fourth term is often seen as simply a formality, term three's what it's all about. It scares me that I'll soon be finished school. I don't know what I'm going to do when I leave school. Far too many choices. Writewritewrite and damn well hope for successsuccesssuccess.

2. Although we had some good times yesterday and today, sometimes I felt quite empty hanging around my friends. I don't know what it is ... it does feel like some of my online friendships are much more stronger and fulfilling than those with the guys here, and I have more fun and am happier talking online than hanging around with the guys. Oh yeah, watching the videos was good at playing pool was good fun at times, but at others it got dull and I was starting to wish I'd planned differently. I don't know. Maybe if they - referring more to Aaron and Jamie than Sam (and Tom, who left Sam's a short while after I got there) - shared more common interests with me or something, and didn't threaten to harm me if I mentioned U2.

Oh, and 3., sadly there were no Bibles. Maybe I can get one off the school or something.

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