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André's lesson of the ... whenever.

#1: If you ever want 17 hours sleep, staying up 28.5 hours will help you in your quest very nicely.
#2: If you ever decide to stay up 28.5 hours, change your decision before it's too late.

Yeah, so. I still don't know why I stayed up so late. Maybe because I was annoyed I'd gone to bed the night before while on a writing roll and wanted to recapture the magic (sadly I didn't), maybe because I wanted to see who was online while I slept (not many people), maybe because I wanted to see a sunrise (which was awe-inspiringly beautiful), or maybe because I do really silly random things. Whatever the reason, it was both worthwhile and thoroughly stupid, both with no real reason to back them up.

But trust me, reheated gravy is AWFUL. Please, for the love of Popmart, NEVER eat it. Reheated chicken works, reheated potatos sort of work, but reheated gravy makes me want to throw up. Yeah, I reheated the dinner I missed last night.

Alright, so the plan for my birthday? Yes, we're geniuses at being underprepared. But I'm going around to Sam's tomorrow afternoon, picking up Jamie on the way, staying at his place overnight, and then coming back here. It'll be just us and Aaron here because Tom's already got plans on the 16th, but he'll be at Sam's tomorrow. We're having a barbecue dinner, which sort of disappoints me because I was hoping for something else (not quite sure what though, heh), and I would like to point out to everyone that it is 'barbecue', NOT 'barbeque'. Consult your nearest dictionary - you should have one close to you - for more.

Tom's said he's got me a present. Aaron's said nothing. I've both asked them to do me favours and get me a Bible, because both of them come from Christian families and regularly go to places that have Bibles, while I don't. Hopefully Tom's present is a Bible and Aaron's kept silent because he has one and wants to use it as a present. I know Tom gave Sam a Bible last year, so hopefully I'm in luck. I don't care if they both give me the same version, or if it's one I already have. I just need a new one, and two is better. I've read all eight I've got, and I find I learn so much more when I'm highlighting, but you can't exactly highlight what's already been highlighted (or in the case of my two really good copies, highlight what you refuse to highlight). All going according to plan, hopefully we can expect some articles in the near future.

Speaking of articles, I've been reading some FANTASTIC articles about U2, courtesy of the lovely, and eee, they make me feel all fanladish and squeeish inside. I love U2. They're so good, and the articles on very young, early U2 are neat. I love the prophetic statements like "unless you keep your eyes shut and your ears closed, you'll be hearing U2 in the future."

I need to clean the pool table tonight. See, I use it as the place to dump all my junk, and if we're planning on playing pool, it's going to need to be cleaned. The question is: where to put the junk? Maybe I'll just conveniently strew it on the floor. Of course, I don't want it broken either. I need an entire house ... indeed, even then I'd probably do a good enough job that causes me to say "I need a castle." It's not that I live in mess or squalor, just I like to spread things out, it's better to keep things in plain view (floor, pool table) than hidden away (draws, cabinets) ... I describe it as "organised chaos" - initially it looks chaotic and silly, but once you look around a bit, it's really quite organised and works.

I also need to have a random moment where I put my Time magazines in order. The longer I let this unorderedness go on, the more out of order they'll become. I think I already have about two years to put in order.

I think I might go to bed early tonight, much contrary to the events of two nights ago. Wow, was it already two nights ago? What's up with time going by so fast? It only feels like January 9 or so. I guess this is going to be another one of those years where time keeps on getting further and further ahead of me. Oh well.

--- 9:47pm ---

By the way, some of you may have noticed the fact that not only am I a U2 fanlad of intense proportions, but I am also a fanlad of intense proportions of 11 O'clock Tick Tock. Therefore, you may enjoy this list of live copies I have of the Best Song Ever (note that dates are in day/month/year format, as all good dates should be written).

- 12/09/80, Scarborough, England
- 12/09/80, Scarborough, England (it was played again as an encore)
- 15/10/80, ?, The Netherlands
- 15/10/80, ?, The Netherlands (as above, it was played again as an encore)
- 23/01/81, Belfast, Northern Ireland
- 06/03/81, Boston, USA
- 16/08/81, Slane Castle, Ireland
- 14/11/81, Boston, USA
- 13/12/81, Lido Beach, New York, USA
- 11/02/82, SS Riverboat President, Louisiana, USA
- 17/03/82, New York, USA
- 14/05/82, Hattem, The Netherlands
- 28/02/83, Edinburgh, Scotland
- 07/03/83, Bristol, England
- 06/05/83, Boston, USA (note that this performance appeared on the Under A Blood Red Sky EP and is also the weakest performance I have ever heard)
- 05/06/83, Red Rocks, Denver, USA (note that this performance appeared on the Under A Blood Red Sky video)
- 02/07/83, Torhout, Belgium
- 23/10/84, Nantes, France
- 28/10/84, Brussels, Belgium
- 06/11/84, Glasgow, Scotland
- 05/02/85, Bologna, Italy
- 21/03/85, Chicago, USA
- 08/06/01, Boston, USA

I think that's all, for a grand total of TWENTY-THREE. Heh, out of more than 300. Hooray for 11 O'clock Tick Tock!

Oh yes, and I have the studio version. I need to get my hands on the extended performance that appeared on the Pride 12" single.

--- 11:28pm ---


First job: Nowhere, damn it.
First screen name: What do you expect? Axver.
First self-purchased album: None, ha! I still owe Mum for U2's Pop and half of Zooropa.
First funeral: Doris, a lovely elderly friend of me and Mum's.
First piercing/tattoo: None.
First credit card: Um ... Bank of New Zealand? National Bank [of NZ]? Somewhere like that. Probably the latter, because my Dad worked there.
First true love: Thomas The Tank Engine, haha.
First enemy: That annoying Tim kid in my class at school when I was five.
First big trip: Sydney, when I was three.
First concert: None.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: The Shadows, probably. Talking Heads, U2, Queen, and Cliff Richard are other ones I can remember from way back.


Last big car ride: From Melbourne to the Gold Coast.
Last kiss: My mother, today.
Last library book: Plays by Anton Chekhov.
Last movie seen: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
Last beverage drank: Lemonade.
Last food consumed: One of those really nice fruit biscuits with chocolate on one side.
Last phone call: Grandad, today. I got five phone calls today, which is far and away a personal record, probably never to be beaten. OK, so three of them were Jamie, but the point still stands.
Last cd played: I don't play CD's much, seeing they're all on my computer in mp3. But it would've been either my burn of Coldplay's A Rush Of Blood To The Head, or U2's The Unforgettable Fire or Under A Blood Red Sky, or Linkin Park's Meteora. Most likely the last, because it won't rip to my computer and I played it on my discman one night.
Last annoyance: My sore legs. Which are sore for no apparent reason. Maybe the tiredness is getting to them.
Last soda drank: Lemonade.
Last ice cream eaten: Chocolate Swirl or something delightful along those lines.
Last time scolded: Shouldn't that be "last time I scolded a u-user?" Hmm ... I'm not really sure what the definition of 'scolded' is, but about two weeks ago Mum and I got into a heated discussion about ADSL and the troubles with it, and voices were raised ...
Last shirt worn: The blue one I'm wearing now.
Last Web site visited: My LJ Friends page, ChristianForums, U2_2U (just got updated!), Interference, my Hotmail inbox, and For Love Or Money: A Guide To U2 Bootlegs. OK, so I have a lot of things open at once.

--- 11:43pm ---

This suddenly came to me.

The Bubblised, Radical Fundamentalist Protestant's Ten Commandments

1. Retreat thyself from society and practice exclusion of those who art heathen.
2. Pardon not thy brother's sins; instead condemn him to Hell for all eternity.
3. Do not listen to music that is from Satan, that being all secular music and most Christian music.
4. Do not permit thyself to read any Bible version apart from the Authorised 1611 King James Version, not even the original texts. These are of Satan, only the KJV is My unaltered word.
5. Love thy neighbour, but only if thy neighbour is a KJV-Only-ist Protestant as thou art.
6. Hate Catholics and pay no attention to their arguments, for that will only lead you unto delusion and truth.
7. Hold hate rallies and fervently practice thy hate. Homosexuals and Muslims are two targets given to thou.
8. Condemn all those who are not Pre-Tribulation Rapturist as heretick and do not associate thyself with them.
9. Thou shalt murder, but only abortion doctors.
10. I am thy God and thou shalt bow down to My mouthpiece, Tim LaHaye.
Tags: christianity, satire

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