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I can lose myself
You I can't live without
And I neeeed you child
More than you'll need me ...

Alright, so that's the lyrics of two U2 songs mangled together, but look at how much I care: not at all.

I stayed up all night. First time I've ever done that, so it's a notable feat. Only now am I really starting to feel tired, though I have my alert spells and a cleaner monitor would help things. Sunrises are so beautiful. The early morning, just as the sun is creeping into the sky, is the nicest part of the day, and I wish I'd had someone to share the niceness of today with. Alas, no. And what insane nut would join me at 4am anyway? But sunrises are so lovely. It was so peaceful and serene so I went for a little walkabout and enjoyed the pleasant, cool, early morning air. I love nature sometimes.

I can't believe I actually did stay up all night. But at 1am I decided I didn't want to go to bed, same for 2 and 3, and by 4, it was too late. So yeah, I just enjoyed staying up. Did some work on my story, but I'm not very impressed and considering the time I spent on it, I should have gotten a lot more quality stuff done.

Ugh. Too tired to go on. Yet I want to see how long I can stay up. I'm no good at staying up late sometimes. Well, that's just snapped me out of near-unconsciousness: MSN and AIM have randomly died for some reason. Ah ... now I've got them working again, that was curious. Stupid technology, but at least it gives me something to do and keeps me awake.

Wow, is it only 10:21am? It so feels later than that. Probably because I didn't go to bed. The sun rises so early here during summer ...

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