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Alright, so I'm going to try to ensure that someone gets me a stack of CDRs for my birthday. Preferably a very large pack containing at least fifty. That'll last me a while and provide me with enough to make hard copies of all my U2 stuff without being worried that I'm churning through too many. Hopefully. So I'm going to work out playlists, bonus tracks, and the like, and then I might post my list of everything just in case anyone's interested. Nearly all of it's in mp3, which isn't a bother to me, but some people seem to be against trading mp3s. That bugs me, actually. I can't tell the difference. I'll play a song on my CD player, rip it onto my computer as an mp3, play the mp3, and it sounds EXACTLY the same. There is no difference to my ears and I have no idea what some people are harping on about. If it's a bootleg you don't have, why get hung up over the format? Why not just enjoy it because it's really good? Bah, pedantic traders.

And some people in the trading community piss me off, with their idea of keeping things rare. I thought the best thing to do was share - better to give than receive. If you have an amazing concert no-one else has, then why don't you trade it and spread the joy instead of selfishly hoarding it for yourself? So what if it becomes a boot that 'everyone' has? Isn't that a good thing? That means the maximum amount of people are getting enjoyment from it, rather than yourself and anyone privileged enough to be deemed worthy.

In cricket news, Zimbabwe folded against Australia. The Aussies crumbled to 8/225 at the end of their fifty overs, but then Zimbabwe came out and showed just how you lose a game. 1/2, 2/13, 3/13, 4/13, 5/20 (or thereabots) ... then they managed to keep it together until one of the batsmen got out, and it went downhill from there. In the end, they were all out for 125. Poor sods. Brad Williams's bowling was VERY impressive though, he took five of the wickets. What I don't get is how the pitch today definitely seemed like a bowling wicket, and yet it's the very same one India smashed 7/706 (dec.) on just a week ago. A pitch doesn't go from a batting wicket to a bowling wicket that fast. Maybe Australia really is having a bit of a crisis with their team. They've been top of the world for so long, I suppose they had to slump sometime soon.

I love the Cork 1979 boot! Before Boy/Girl;

Bono: "Well this one's for boys and girls and all the sweethearts. Who here's got a sweetheart? *singles out someone in the crowd* You got a sweetheart? A lover? Are you a lover? Do you really love her? Are you going to marry her?"

Bono was so young (18 or so) and having such fun. Heh, the entire band was. I'm trying to figure out who sings the encore because it sure doesn't sound like Bono ... probably The Edge.

Really, I'm rambling on about nothing because the holidays have turned into a boring non-event. Well, not boring in the sense I am bored, but boring in the sense there's nothing of note to talk about. I do so little. I need to find something controversial to captivate me or work on more writing. My articles! I need to get to work on the swearing article. But ... I don't have enough motivation right now. I need a fired up debate to piss me off or ... hopefully I'll be inspired tomorrow or something.

I also know that I should listen to more of other bands and that over the last few days, I've listened to way too much U2, but honestly, I don't care. Other bands just don't do the same thing for me and I'd simply prefer to listen to U2. I don't care if that's all that's on my playlist because I LIKE IT and maybe you think it's not enough variety, but really, I'm having a struggle to care right now.

On a random note, some days I wonder why I even go to bed ...

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