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This is a very asinine attempt at a subject line

Well, today was a non-event.

New Zealand played Pakistan. Because I don't get pay TV in my room, I couldn't watch it, but Mum put it on in the lounge so I could hear bits and pieces of it and she'd give me running updates. Pakistan made 9/255 in their fifty overs, and with 46.1 overs gone, New Zealand equalled the score, for the loss of only three wickets and the captain, Steven Fleming, on more than 100. With one brilliant shot for four, the game was won. Hooray!

One thing I don't like about the Pakistani team is Shoaib Akhtar. The fastest bowler in the world today - possibly the fastest ever - and often accused of chucking the ball rather than bowling it, he really has no skill, he just fires the ball down there in an attempt to intimidate the batsman, which it does - you'd be intimidated if someone was firing a ball at about 150-160km/h (??-100mph) at you, wouldn't you? Especially if it could bounce up and hit you just about anywhere, not to mention you have a wicket to protect that, if he bowls a straight line, he could very easily hit and dismiss you. He just relies on speed - it doesn't matter exactly where it goes, just as long as it's reasonably straight, because sooner or later, a batsman will make a shot and chip it a nearby fielder, or won't play a shot and be dismissed Leg Before Wicket when it hits him, or try to move and get bowled out. It's not quality bowling, it's intimidation, and pardon the pun, but that's just not cricket.

ADSL is still such a novelty to me, and I'm loving these speeds. I thought I'd get more writing done this way, but one person posted that it's more than likely that the opposite would happen, and so far my fascination with the high speeds is proving that statement true. However, I will get some writing done, just you watch me.

U2 fans, here's another good site, currently has 23 October 1984, Nantes, 18 July 1997, Rotterdam, 7 November 1987, Denver, and the 26 October 2000 interview with KROQ radio in LA.

Looks like the birthday plans Sam and I made will be going ahead, so that'll be cool. I'm looking forward to it. Lots of Monty Python ... *drool* ... and I think Sam might still have my Holy Grail tape so I better get that back off him. Heh, loaning things with the two of us generally means holding onto it for about a year because either or both of us just forget about it or don't care. And ... that's it for today.

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