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Midnight is where the day begins ... 11:59pm is where the day ends

Alright U2 fans, you'll enjoy this, especially if you're on highspeed Internet.

- 2 December 2001, Miami, the final Elevation tour concert. This site appears to be regularly updated - was a Los Angeles Elevation show up until today.

- 18 August 2001, Earl's Court, London.

- A bunch of concerts. Don't waste your time on any of the links. Nearly all of them don't work and those that do I'll list below. The only shows I can guarantee that will download are the last two, Elevation Charlotte and Calgary. The others I haven't tried yet or already have.

- 8 August 2001 (Edge's 40th birthday), Barcelona. I had some severe problems downloading this, some songs would refuse to download, but I finally managed to get it all. You have to change the extensions from .txt to .mp3 once you've downloaded them.

- 26 May 1997, Popmart Washington, these are in .ram format, which requires RealOne AudioPlayer or something like that (that I don't have), so I have no idea about the quality. If you download it and can play it, tell me what it's like, and if you can tell me where I can download the program required to listen to it, please do!

- Various .mp3s. The ads at the top of the page made me sick, but some of the stuff on there is worth it. Some links won't work and some of the songs can be found elsewhere with the rest of the boot (namely Cork 1979 and Boston 1981), but it's the only place I've found where you can download the Be There and Wire demos.

- This place has some very good stuff. Go to the menu on the left, there's a 'Multimedia' heading. The .mp3s in the audio section don't work, but I'm downloading from the videos section right now and some of the concerts in the bootlegs section work, such as Cork 1979 (incredible and yet hard on the ears at the same time, though possibly because of the recording equipment) and Belfast 1981.

- 15 October 1980, Amsterdam - unimpressive audio quality, but it IS an early boot.

- Heaps of boots here, you do have to register but it's really not that hard, heh. I highly recommend 2 February 1985 from Bologna, best performance of 40 I've ever heard.

- The Electrical Storms MB, has five bootlegs up, I think they change every week, currently up is 4 June 1993, Munich, 26 and 31 December 1989, Dublin, 14 May 1982 Hattem (The Netherlands), and 21 March 1985 ... Chicago, I think. There's links to other stuff - including some of what I've posted - in some of the other forums there.

Alright, I'm sure that's enough.

I'm loving these U2 videos I'm downloading. Spanish Eyes, Until The End Of The World, both Stuck In A Moment videos, Walk On on the Jay Leno show, the 2002 Super Bowl halftime performance, and that's only just scraping the surface.

Last night rocked. A cool one - yeah, like 25C, but it's cool by current definition - with a very refreshing breeze, so I left my windows open and ahhh, it was easy to get to sleep for a change. Very pleasant. No fan, no sweltering, no half-dying because no-one should have to sleep in such temperatures ... it could be winter. I like it.

I'm telling you, if you're going to pick peeling skin, DON'T, or if you do, don't be stupid and not look at what you're doing, and thus rip off a bit that bleeds and stings like what I did last night. On a more pleasant topic, if you ever want quality sausage rolls, danishes, or anything else truly nice that you can get from a bakery, come here to the Gold Coast and go to Goldstein's Bakery. Best bakery on earth, truly. I heart the place, their blueberry danishes rock my world, though they only had apple today - still good, but the blueberry ... *drool*

What am I looking forward to this month? Announcement of U2's forthcoming single and possibly album. Apparently there will be an announcement - on what, we don't know, though almost certainly the single, possibly the album - within the month. That's what U2's publicity department in London's saying.

Working out stuff for my birthday (January 17) ... seeing Sam's on the 14th, we're going to do something combined. On the 14th, Sam will be spending time with Lauren A. and possibly Tom and his girlfriend (yep, looks like I'm the only one of my friends without a girlfriend - Jamie doesn't count because he doesn't want one until he's in university - though really, it's not as if I care), then on the 15th him and a whole bunch of friends will head down to some supposedly really good swimming complex here on the Coast, but I hate going swimming (or at least in public) so I'll meet back up with them later that day for 24 hours of Monty Python, old Playstation games, and pool and swimming (just with a few friends, which I don't mind at all) back at my place on the 16th. As per usual, my birthday will be very quiet, just the way I like it.

Now we just need the required permission and such, heh.

U2 video clips rock my world.

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