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I'm falling ... falling at Your feet ...

Falling At Your Feet
Written and performed by Bono and Daniel Lanois

Every chip from every cup
Every promise given up
Every reason that's not enough
Is falling
Falling at Your feet

Every band at elastic limit
Every race when there's nothing in it
Every winner that's lost a ticket
Is falling
Falling at Your feet

I've come crawling
Falling at Your feet

Everyone who needs a friend
Every life that has no end
Every knee not ready to bend
Is falling
Falling at Your feet
I've come crawling
Now I'm falling at Your feet

(All fall down) All the manic taste faces that you pull
(All fall down) All the actions not under your control
(All fall down) The graffiti rolling down on five feet tall
(All fall down) And the compromise you make for someone

Every teenager with acne
Every face that's spoiled by beauty
Every adult tamed by duty
They're all falling at Your feet

Every foot in every face
Every cop stop that finds the grace
Every prisoner in the maze
Every hand that an ace
Is falling
Falling at Your feet
I've come crawling
I'm falling at Your feet

(All fall down) All the books you never read
(All fall down) Just started
(All fall down) All the meals you rushed
(All fall down) Never tasted

Every eye closed by a bruise
Every player who just can't lose
Every popstar hurling abuse
Every dropout going to booze
All falling at Your feet
Oh, falling at Your feet

(All fall down) All the information
(All fall down) All the big ideas
(All fall down) All the radiowaves
(All fall down) Electronic seas
(All fall down) How to navigate
(All fall down) How to simply be
(All fall down) To know when to wait
(All fall down) Explain simplicity
(All fall down) In whom shall I trust?
(All fall down) And how might I be still?
(All fall down) Teach me to surrender
Not my will, Thy will ...

Cardinal Of The Kremlin by Tom Clancy is fantastic. I'm really enjoying reading it, and I wish I'd read it earlier.

I don't have enough power points in my room. Blah. There's multiple adaptors and extension cords everywhere. I probably consume as much power as a small country. Heh, well that sure is exaggerating it, but there's still a lot of electronic devices in my room. My latest problem is that my ADSL modem gets too hot - ha, don't we all in this heat? - so I was trying to set up a small fan I have to blow on it when I discovered I have no power points left. Someone in this house has to have a double adaptor somewhere.

Hijacking diverting the plot of RPGs in unforeseen directions is a most satisfying thing to do, however it is not quite as easy to do it well when one is sweltering in heat and ants are creeping in from everywhere. Why do they seem to love my feet and why is it that no matter how much I spray, they keep on coming in? It's not like my room's messy and there's anything in here to interest them, and yet they still come, like scuttling over my floor is a holy pilgrimage they must make, much like the Islamic hajj. Indeed, I think ants are Muslims. They come on a pilgrimage to Mecca - my room - and then race from one place to another (there's some element of the hajj that involves running between two mountains a few times, I believe) - across my floor. And they do it without any purpose. They're not going for any food or anything, they're just running across my floor and my feet for the sake of running across my floor and feet. It's infuriating. I thought spray was meant to kill them.

Damn, I hate summer. I love winter, though, and I can't wait for it to roll 'round.

I also had some terribly insightful comment to make, and now I've totally forgotten it. Hopefully it'll come back to me.

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