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Hello from ADSL land

Yesterday, in most people's terms, was extremely unproductive. I spent the entire day enjoying the wonders of ADSL. Oh wow, I love this. But for me, besides the distinct lack of writing, yesterday was incredibly productive. I can't believe how fast this is for downloads. I now have the 18 August 2001 Earl's Court, London, concert, some great rare b-sides I have misplaced the link to (ah, here it is), and Axtung Beibi: The Salome Out-takes.

It's so bloody hot here, like I can't believe. I'm melting here. I have my fan on, but it's just pushing hot air around and not really helping. Out at Birdsville, Outback Queensland, the temperature hit 49C (121F), and I'd believe you if you said it was 43C (110F) here right now. I don't know if I'll bother sleeping tonight because it'll just be too hot. It was awful last night. I might just sleep whenever my body collapses, because trying to get to sleep in stifling heat can be too uncomfortable sometimes.

Oh, and I love U2 fans. They're always so generous and nice. Eeee, I now have the studio version of ELEVEN O'CLOCK TICK TOCK (!!! - it deserves a lot of exclamation marks) and Falling At Your Feet. The former's so great and the lyrics of the latter are wonderful. I need to do some trades soon ... I need blank CDs, too, because I plan on putting all my U2 stuff on CD, so I have a hard copy.

I don't really have much else to say ... send me cool weather, please!
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