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ADSL rocks my world. Oh wow. Lovelovelove.

Last night, I got offline just after that edit, and Sam tried to help me over the phone. It was going so nicely ... then we hit a brick wall. Things were going wrong that weren't meant to go wrong. We tried to get round these errors, but we couldn't figure out what it was doing and eventually we just gave up and I resolved to call Support in the morning. I was so worried, though. I was afraid we'd stuffed things or that now my ADSL wasn't going to work, and it kept me awake. When I finally did go to sleep, I kept on waking up ... I was a nervous wreck. Last thing I want to do is waste a heap of Mum and Alan's money. But this morning I called Support, got a very helpful guy on the phone who runs the same modem as me (I'm using one not officially supported by my ISP but a lot of people have it and I'm so glad I got someone else with it), and suddenly it just started working! Eeeee! It's so fantastic! I LOVE IT!

Got any songs you think I should listen to or anything like that? Now's the time to tell me! With high speed Internet like this ... *drools*

I'm now downloading an entire U2 concert, the 18 August 2001 Earl's Court gig, just before Bono's Dad died. I can't believe the speeds I've hit, I'm going to have this entire thing downloaded in less time than it would have taken me to download just ONE song on dialup yesterday. This is amazing! And this morning, a very nice U2 fan I met on Interference sent me the STUDIO VERSION OF ELEVEN O'CLOCK TICK TOCK! Aaaaah! I can't believe I finally have it! Wow, and the vocals! They were SO YOUNG, it's amazing. I can't believe I have it! My favourite song, and now I've finally got the studio version to add to the multitudes of live versions. Why they never put it on CD is beyond me.

Oh wow, today is incredible. I'm in such a fantastic mood. ADSL! 11 O'clock Tick Tock! 18-08-01 Earl's Court! Eeeeee!

Hint: ask me favours today, I'm most likely to agree to it.
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