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I really would like a paid Journal, even if it's just for more user pictures that I wouldn't use. Maybe I could get my family to get me one for my birthday ... though that necessitates telling them it exists, which I'm not comfortable with. I need my own cashflow, which obviously means getting a job, but that's a whole lot easier said than done. Mum reckons she's been trying, though I'd have no idea how hard. The one thing that bugs me is that part of having a job means I actually have to go out, leave my home and computer, and be somewhere other than where I like to be. Of course, I'm just an Internet addict and I'm going to need to learn to leave the computer someday.

Did a little bit of work on my story. I really should do more. I'm thinking that I should set aside a period of time every day to write. I really don't know how I run out of time to do stuff. Having ADSL will help me though, because it'll mean that I'm permanently online. Currently, when I'm on, because it's blocking the phone line and cuts out if there's a period of inactivity (20 minutes, I think), I have to actually be ON, doing stuff, I can't just leave MSN and AIM on in the background in case someone I want to talk to comes on while I work on my story. ADSL will be so liberating like that. I will be able to leave MSN and AIM on while I write my story.

I'm still perplexed at how I lose so much time, though. Even with dialup, I shouldn't. Let's see how it stacks up ...

9 hours - sleep
9 hours - online
1 hour - (when I don't slack off) Bible study and such
Weekdays: 2.5 hours - dinner and TV
Weekends: 1 hour - dinner and TV (there's nothing on Saturday and Sunday nights to watch)

So on weekdays, I have 1.5 hours lost that I can't explain, and on weekends 4. Hmm. Someone want to return my missing hours to me? They've probably really added up now, into perhaps a week or so.

I went for a walk this morning with Mum. Living in a hilly area sure makes walking tiring. Only went for twenty minutes and I was stuffed by the end of it. I'm so out of shape it's not funny. Hopefully we'll do that every morning. In May, my school does this forty hour walk in conjunction with the forty hour famine, only grade twelves do it, and seeing that's me, I plan to do it. I have five months to get fit in time. I hope to leave high school a fit man, which would be a marked contrast to the state I arrived there in.

I'm sick of the U2 naysayers who reckon this album will be out later than May. I'm still confident that it will be released on or after Saint Patrick's day and before Bono's 44th birthday (in other words, the window I'm predicting is March 16 to May 10) - I was hoping for earlier in March, but that's looking unlikely. The people saying September are daft in my opinion. It's not going to be that late. I'm just hoping for a spectacular tour. Something like ZooTV or Popmart, though not a ZooTV II because that's just not U2's style to repeat themselves and not something that leaves a bad taste in some people's mouths like Popmart (for some reason thoroughly baffling to me) did. I heart ZooTV and Popmart, but U2's so creative that hopefully they'll be able to come up with something on the same level - or even higher - than those two, but still completely different at the same time.

Poor Steve Waugh. His final cricket test is hardly going according to schedule. India spent the first two days batting and declared at 7/705, with Smashin' Sachin Tendulkar on 241 not out (a personal record) - a welcome return to form, I must say - putting India in a virtually unbeatable position. All India needs to do is play out the five days and force a draw, because that will draw the four test series at 1-1 and mean they retain the cup Australia and India contest. However, they'll be looking for a win. To equal India's score today, Australia would have had to have scored at nearly 8 runs an over (90 overs a day x 8 = 720), which is a pace not even seen by the best teams in one day cricket, let alone five day cricket (average pace for 50-over one day cricket is 5-6 runs an over (each over is 6 balls), and a common score is 225-275, while for test cricket it's more like 2-3 runs an over but less wickets fall - you play safer in test cricket, take more time to get a higher score for the loss of less wickets). However, Australia only managed 6/354 (I think) at stumps (end of play) today, and if they lose another wicket (in other words, another batsman gets dismissed), they'll collapse. India will then go in, score only about 100 runs to make sure Australia has to make 400 in their second innings, and then bowl them out. Statistics work in their favour: only 10 or so teams in cricket history (over 130 years) have ever reached a target of 400+ in a second innings to win a test match. It's sad to see Steve Waugh's career end with such a losing note (best he can hope for is a draw), but that's the nature of the game.

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