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The year that was ...

2003 will mean two things to me when I look back on it: it's the year I became a U2 fanlad and it's the year I became addicted to the Internet and met a heapload of fantastic people.

It's hard to believe that at the start of this year, I only possessed three U2 CDs: Best Of 1980-1990, Best Of 1990-2000, and All That You Can't Leave Behind. They had only just become officially my favourite band (until I got Best Of 1990-2000 for Christmas, they were equal with Linkin Park and Jimmy Eat World) ... and look at me now. Fanaticism, off the charts. But what an impact they've had on my life.

2003 was the year of stupidity. There was that entire episode with Lily that lasted four months more than it should've, I didn't learn from my mistakes of 2002 when it came to applying myself to schoolwork, and of course, Tyndale broke records for stupid when they closed down the LBMB. RIP, YTF. Lest we forget.

2003 was definitely the year of making some incredible friends, most through YTF and LJ. The lot of you rock and I love you all. Couldn't have wished for a better bunch of friends.

I discovered a heap of things this year;

- M*A*S*H and Fawlty Towers (actually that was late last year, but my liking for them really grew this year)
- The best books ever written, the Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy trilogy of five by Douglas Adams
- U2, as I said
- A number of bands, notably Pink Floyd
- A lot about my friends and other folks at school, more than I care to go into detail about
- Internet dating not only doesn't work but is a crock of shit.

Family life changed more than anything. As of January 1st, my mother was single, but December 31st, I now have a stepdad and two stepbrothers. Very radical change, and to be honest, I'm still getting used to the idea it's not just Mum and I any more, though I don't notice Robby's presence at all because he has none, I like Alan so that's no hassle, and I only occasionally notice James.

My faith went through a lot of things. It was really strong at the start of this year and stayed stable until Easter, when I went to NZ, but when I came back, it returned to a comfortable, static level until about the time when YTF went down, and in the later months of this year, it's been really weak with God feeling very distant, though at the moment it seems to be building back up to a comfortable level.

My writing ... heh, interesting. All January I wrote keenly, but then when I went back to school, I didn't have the time to write in and going to school just disrupts my flow. I've finally got back into my writing properly this month. Some have asked me lately how I manage to write how I do, and honestly (besides the fact I don't think I'm very good), I can't explain it. I've been reading all my life, writing for just about as long, and it's become natural to me, just as natural as breathing. I sit down, go to write, and ... it just happens. There's nothing special about it. Just throw an idea I like in my direction and I'm off.

This was going to be more detailed, in depth, and actually interesting, but then I found myself distracted. Maybe I'll edit it and make it more intelligent or maybe I'll do a more reflective piece later or something. But for now, I've discovered the hilarious wonders that are U2 fanfiction.

Hope you all have a great 2004.

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