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I'm thinking of banning myself from the Internet at night. I need to get writing done and if I keep on getting online at night, it's just not going to happen. Hmm ... I'm not sure about this idea. And ick, I have so many e-mails and comments I owe replies to, but I'm just supremely slack.

I'm going to wash out the blue tonight. It's gone faded and doesn't look very good, plus it feels icky in my hair. I only got one photo, and it'll almost certainly turn out crap. HOWEVER, I am going to dye it blue again at some later date these holidays and I'll ensure to get photos then. Of course, they won't be up until I get the scanner fixed. It really bugs me how it's managed to get stuffed like this, especially because I can't see anything physically wrong with it. Blah, technology.

Australia won the third test earlier today, tying the series with India at 1-1 (the first test was a draw). The final test in Sydney will now be really intense, especially because it's Steve Waugh's last test. For those who don't know, Steve Waugh is a cricketing legend, the Australian five day captain, and he's been playing for nearly two decades. Cricket won't be right without him.

Last I heard, NZ was beating Pakistan. Can any of the Kiwis on my contacts tell me what the final outcome of that match was? (OK, so I should go find a sports results website, but I'm doing this entry then getting off)

I wonder when I'll be told my ADSL is ready ... I was hoping to hear by the new year, but that's only a day away now. Maybe I'll get good news tomorrow. I sure hope so.

--- 12:54am ---

Alright, so I got back on. Bad, bad André. But I had things to do, notably download software to rip mp3s off my CDs (wav is just too large) and some other software to rip mp3 audio off DVDs. My life won't be complete until I have New Year's Day and Angel Of Harlem from Slane on mp3. I love the ending of New Year's Day - it's so much more complete with "I will be with you again ... aaaaagain!" And Angel Of Harlem ... best live performance ever!

Washed all the blue out so my hair's looking rather white again. I've seen the bottom of showers be red and very dirty (there was a time when I got outside and hence would get injured and/or dirty, believe it or not), but never blue. That was most interesting.

I just downloaded the Automatic Baby performance of One, and ICK. For those of you who don't know, two members of U2 (Adam and Larry, I think) and two from REM teamed up to form the band Automatic Baby, so named after their most recent CDs at the time, Achtung Baby (U2) and Automatic For The People (REM), and performed One at Clinton's inaugration (or at least I think that's the way it goes). And good Zooropa, they BUTCHERED it. The guy who sung it - Stipe of REM, I believe - should have left it to Bono, and whoever is doing those backing vocals SHOULD BE SHOT. It's so nasally and AWFUL.

On the other hand, the performance of One at the Pavarotti And Friends concert with a full orchestra in 1995 is simply BEAUTIFUL and I love it.

Did more writing tonight. I believe it was something in the order of five pages, threw in another action scene I didn't see coming but that was fun to write and works well with the story. I'm happy with the direction it's taking at the moment.

OK, now to bed. Sleep doth call.

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