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Genius, oh yes

I have no idea what the Popmart this quiz was testing for, some IB thing I equated to LIB (Love Is Blindness by U2), but I adored the answer because it's SO VERY TRUE!

You are the Genius. You know all the
answers, and since most classes are test-
oriented, you'll do fine. You get at least
decent grades without studying. Everyone hates

What Kind of IB (International Baccalaureate) Student Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I can just feel the hate. And yes, it's true, I'll do any quiz thrown my way.

My stupid Meteora CD won't work on my computer. We're going to take it back and get a new copy. I'm still trying to decide if I should spend my $30 on The Joshua Tree DVD, a bunch of U2 singles, or on bootlegging material. Or if I should save it. I think I'll save it. It can go towards the André U2 Tour Fund, which, after the tour, will morph into the André Travelling To America Fund.

There is nothing more satisfying than a close cricket game ... well, there is, but close cricket games are still very satisfying. India was absolutely destroying Australia yesterday - we're talking 1/279 here - and then they just COLLAPSED. Lost three wickets before stumps yesterday, and then crumbled this morning, losing 6 for 16 to be all out for 366. Now Matty Hayden and Justin Langer are starting to form a partnership, it's 1/60 at the moment (Gilchrist being the one out, for 20). On Nehra's first over bowling, Hayden hit 3 fours off him. That was good to watch.

You have to love the Boxing Day test.

Eh ... stay tuned, there might be edits later.

--- 4:09pm, 28-12-03 ---

If indeed you have stayed tuned, please post and tell me.

Hooray for edits that will most likely go ignored!

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