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Merry Christmas, all

I had a really long post but I didn't feel like posting it. Today went well, enjoyed some good food and drink, I love having a high tolerance to alcohol (whereas nearly everyone else I know would be drunk now, I'm perfectly sober and I plan on staying that way permanently), and got some grand presents. Finally got Linkin Park's Meteora. Hooray! Nothing U2, sadly, though Mum gave me some money to buy U2 stuff with once I track it down.

I have my Aunt's copy of Coldplay's A Rush Of Blood To The Head, and ... some of the tracks are great, but some aren't that good. I absolutely love In My Place and Clocks, but the title track and God Put A Smile Upon Your Face leave something to be desired.

The meal today was good, though I wish someone I knew was there. As in one of my friends. Some of my family and Alan were there, but that's not the same, especially when I'm surrounded by all these new people I'm not sure I care for. Though some of them seem nice enough. Shame the only one my age is Robby - the rest of the younger family members are either a few years older or younger than me. Robby bothers me. I don't trust him as far as I could throw him. He gives me the creeps. James drove us home today, and he mentioned stuff about how to get alcohol even though he's underage and about the possibility of robbing houses on Christmas. He's solely focused on himself. You never know if he's home or not - he scuttles in and out (going to and from his mother's house, and she's not the most intelligent of sorts) at all hours, and he's just weird. I get a strange, uncomfortable feeling from him, and he probably should be locked up. He's the kind that seems like he'd break the law, and ... I just don't like him.

But yes. I got some pretty cool stuff today. Very pleased. Eh ... that'll do, I just can't be bothered writing.

Though I do want to have a serious talk with someone, but either no-one's on or they just won't. Burns was before but he got off. And what the guy's done makes me sick. It's REVOLTING and SO VERY WRONG.

--- 1:17am ---

Hooray, finally seeing RotK today!

Just thought I'd tell the world before I go to bed.
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