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Can't be bothered thinking of something clever to put here

I'm tired. Amazingly so. I'm glad I'm having an early night tonight because I need it, although I'm having an early morning tomorrow so it's kinda getting negated ... although I don't think you can really call 9am early. It's jusr that Aaron's coming round at 10 - how does the guy get up every day at 7am? - and so I figure it's best if I'm actually up when he gets here, especially seeing I'm going to be the only person home at the time. So Mum's going to wake me at 8am when she leaves, and then I'll put on a U2 CD and drift in and out of sleep for the next hour. At about that point I'll consider getting up far earlier than I consider humane - 11am is more my hour - and maybe have a shower because I was too lazy to have one tonight.

It's nice to have a friend around - proves my offline life still does exist - although Aaron's a weird one. It's hard to describe Aaron. I think he's gay (he vehemently denies the allegation), which makes me uncomfortable, and he does act effeminately and it can be a bit freaky at times, and he's a great candidate for the next ticket to a mental institute, but he can also be fun to hang around sometimes and he's good at table tennis (even though the amount of times he's played can be counted on one hand - he's naturally gifted and should play more). What annoys me about him is his dislike of U2 when he won't even give them a chance. I try to put on a U2 CD, but NO, he won't listen to them. I'm fine with Burns not liking them because he gave them a go and they just don't do his kind of music (although I wish he wouldn't cringe and get annoyed when a U2 song comes on (I think he does that just to piss me off)), but if Aaron won't even give them a go, that doesn't impress me. He actually said, from the bits he's heard "It's good until the singing starts." That got me very confused. At least he likes the instrumental side of U2 - The Edge is a genius, if you ask me - but how can you say that and then go and insult Bono? The guy's got a bloody marvellous voice. When he comes round tomorrow, I'm going to have a U2 CD - or video, I don't know which - and make sure he listens. I'm not taking him disliking them when he hasn't even given them a chance.

Speaking of U2, I'm really starting to come to like songs I never used to like. Wild Honey has started to grow on me a bit (although I still don't like it much), and I actually waited to hear the end of So Cruel before I went to get dinner tonight (I used to HATE that song), and Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World is growing to me for the simple reason that the line "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" cracks me up every time I hear it. What was Bono thinking when he sung that? Well, I guess the only explanation is that Larry Mullen Junior used to describe it: "An Irish drinking song."

And right now I'm making very tentative plans for going to the USA and to a U2 concert or concerts. Now, U2 apparently will begin a tour in either March or September next year, depending on when they finish recording the new album, and I'm going to try to follow them around Australia. If I can find the money, I'll also go to one in America. Preferably, they'll tour in September because that'll give me more time to get some cash. Now, when I finish high school, I'm going to go to America, travel around, and meet some of my friends who I know online. So that'll be in late 2004 or during 2005 sometime. I would love it if a U2 concert in America coincides with me going over there. That would be PERFECT. Doubt it'll happen, though.

Now, I don't know what anyone else will think about this, but I remember talk about holding a YTF convention of sorts. If I could get myself over to America late 2004 - 2005-ish, we could plan something for then. But that's quite a way in the future, so ...

My first problem is actually getting money. I'm dirt poor, my family isn't much better off, and I don't have a job. Grr. I need a job. NEED. Only problems are that I'm lazy - not that motivated to get Mum to take me down to the shops to get job applications - and that I'm shy - if I did get motivated, I'd be too shy to ask for said applications. Maybe one day Mum'll be nice and get some applications for me while she's at the shops.

Surely someone's prepared to pay me for listening to U2 CDs ... geez, I already do it 24/7. I've been listening to Achtung Baby for two days straight now (Love Is Blindness is FANTASTIC, people), and I listened to the Beautiful Day single for an entire day and a half before that. Surely that's worth money to someone!

Anyhow, maybe I should be going ... although I'm not as tired as I was. Hmmm ... maybe I'll do one of those survey things and then go to bed. Ah, indecision, isn't it marvellous? I think I'll go put on the Zooropa CD. There we go, a decision. That might get the ball rolling. Wow I'm lazy at times ... ha, a lot of people would say "Tell me something I didn't know" to that comment ...

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