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Made application for ADSL and ordered the required equipment today. Why did the former have to be needlessly complex and STUPID? If there's some stuff-up, it's because their form was dodgy. If you know my address, you'll understand why it's hard for me to respond when it asks for "road type." And what the Popmart is a CCV (in relation to credit cards)? Not even Mum or Alan knew ...

Nothing much else happened today. Wasted lots of time. Wrote. What annoys me is that in the last 24 hours, I've spent about 3.5 hours writing, only for a result of 7 pages and roughly 5000 words. That's only 2 pages an hour, which is simply not good enough. Then again, what I'm writing is pretty boring and my mind wanders ... once I get up to the really thrilling stuff, that's when the amount of pages will really begin to pile up.

Question: anyone know where I can get some good information on boating? Anyone reading this actually know a bit about boats?

Here's some of what I've written. I'd appreciate some feedback - that always helps the writing process. Criticise to your heart's content.Collapse )

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