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Ignorance is calm

Ignore my earlier post. Today was random crap, all kinds of random crap that I hadn't bothered with for ages randomly came to the surface (as random crap does). But now I feel pleasant and calm. I am no longer on an ego trip as I was when I replied to this (I'm quite proud of the post itself, although not my reply - leaving it until now would've been better, but alas, I'm now not allowed to post in that person's LJ), I am no longer feeling mad or pissed off at the world, I am serenely calm. I wish U2 had played Heartland live, because that would be perfect for my mood right now.

Ran the trains tonight, and that went very well, although we had a couple of amusing collisions. There were heaps of people for the first hour or so, but then it all just died down and we spent the last 30 minutes talking to a bunch of other people interested in trains, both of the Lego and 'proper' model variety. Very interesting.

The ride home was interesting. Our car radio has well and truly died, and when we played a cassette, the speakers sounded AWFUL and the cassette itself was probably getting wrecked, so we turned it all off ... and then we heard these strange noises, and they sounded like they were coming from the speakers. It was really eerie until we figured out that it's probably a problem with the wheels, perhaps a stone had got in there. But this didn't really matter, because one of the roads we take to go home, well, in the daylight, it's just a hilly road, but at night - wow! It feels so much faster and it's so much FUN, and just to make it better, Mum gunned it and we raced down it to home. Whee, fun stuff. I enjoyed myself.

So yes, I'm feeling pleasantly calm right now. Now's the time to say stuff that you know won't please me, because I'll take it very well.

Must get ADSL sorted. All I need to know is what modem/router to buy, and then I'm set. Should have that sorted by tomorrow. Hooray!

There was meant to be more insightful stuff here ... but I've forgotten it and I'm not too fussed about it because I'm feeling so happily calm. I need something to do with this happiness. I could do so much right now. I'm bursting with energy, even though I'm tired, and that's contradictory but it doesn't matter. Maybe I'll go for a walk, or maybe not, because it's dark. Write. Writing sounds good.

--- 11:24pm ---

1. List your five favorite beverages.
My soft drink mixes, Sprite (why is it all other forms of lemonade absolutely suck?), water ... um ... I sometimes drink Coke and Lift ...

2. List your five favorite websites.
YOUNG TRIB FORCE, LiveJournal,, websites that can spell 'favourite' correctly, and only because I waste a lot of time over there because I can't find any other worthwhile messageboards to go to (PLEASE, I need good MBs! I need YTF!).

3. List your five favorite snack foods.
Turkish Delight, Tim Tams, Mars Midnight, BBQ flavoured chips, gummi snakes.

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.
Chess, Monopoly, Risk, Poker, Blackjack (the latter two are great for passing time at school).

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.
I don't play games any more, but nonetheless, The Sims, SimCity 3000 (my (burnt) copy of 4 won't load, bah), Transport Tycoon, Rugby 2001 (I need something more modern, I know), and anything Need For Speed-y. OK, so I love simulation and sport games ... when I choose to play games, which is not often.

Maybe I should coax myself away from the Internet and write. I think I know what ADSL modem I want. Hm.

--- 11:33 ---

I hate these stupid random bugs that fly around my room at night. They only appear at night, and they make for whatever light I happen to be reading by or whatever screen (TV or computer) that I'm looking at. And they vary it up, too: one night it's these random things that divebomb me, then it's these beetle-y things that just land on my computer screen that I have to blow away, or small things that seem to think landing on my bed is a fun idea, and then that strange one from a couple of nights ago that made a weird buzzing.

Maybe I should capture some of them and mount them in a glass case on the wall, as a threat tactic towards other bugs. That'd scare them off. Fwoohaha!

Right, now to write. Though I'm not sure I'm really in a writing mood ... wow, that's so not André-sounding: I always want to write. Eh. It's those evil bugs!

But I shall write. I'm getting to a fun scene that results in a terrible motorcycle accident. Might post some of it tomorrow or ... whatever the next day is to get some feedback. I'm so badly losing track of the days.

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