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Controversy and defense

Edit: I'm curious - has anyone else read this week's issue of Time, specifically the article on the 'lost' 'Gospels'? What did you think? Do you feel the author handled the issue well?

Back to regular programming ...

I enjoy being controversial. I've realised being outspoken and opinionated makes life a lot more interesting than being quiet and just going with the flow. Sure, it sometimes costs me possible friendships or makes some people think I'm an absolute pillock, but if someone's going to not like you just because you disagree with them, then being friends with them would've been doomed from the start anyway. I'm not going to waste my time hiding behind a wall of agreement or silent disagreement: I say what I think and I'm damn proud of it. If I think you're completely and utterly wrong, I'm going to tell you that, and I'll most often have fun whilst doing so.

I also find it both amusing and annoying how so many people misinterpret so much in life, just so they can be comfortable. Personally, I don't want to be comfortable ... well, a part of me does, and for obvious reasons, but I'd like to be challenged, to be driven towards change, development, growth, to be asked to provide an adequate defence for my beliefs, opinions, and the like. I enjoy debates because it's all about that.

If you can't defend your beliefs, opinions, and such, I'm not sure they're quite worth having. The idea of believing something is because you do so for a reason - you can justify why because, through a process of thought, impacted upon by varying external and internal factors, you came to hold such an opinion. If you can't provide evidence and reasons for what you believe, then just why do you believe it? Because someone told you to? Because it sounded/felt nice? Simply because you do? Well I have a question for you: is that a legitimate reason for believing something, and if so, why?

If you want to ask me to justify some belief or opinion of mine or engage in debate with me about something, now is the time to do so.

On a completely unrelated note, if WinMX continues to download the song I'm downloading in a haphazard and slow fashion, it will die a prompt yet drawn out death.

On another completely unrelated note, I'm so proud of me! I did some exercise today: I went for a walk. A forty minute walk. I'll end up doing it again tomorrow, too, and hopefully it'll be a permanent thing. Tomorrow will hopefully be very good: I should end up getting my ADSL application sent off, because I should have what modem I want worked out by then. Squeeness.

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