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Today shall be most amusing

Those of you who went to YTF may remember a thread deadlydenial started about Internet dating after talking to two people here in Australia who were going out even though they lived eighteen hours from each other and had never met each other in person. One of these people turned out to be an occasional YTF poster, and the other turned out to be one of the members of my group at school. Well, the poster, Rhiana, has come up to the Gold Coast, met the member of my group at school, Burns, and apparently, things are going fantastically, despite the cynicism of at least three people. So now, this afternoon, Sam and I (one of my partners in cynicism) are meeting the two of them for a movie. This shall be most amusing, and there shall be a full report tonight, after I get home from working the Lego trains.

Oh, and speaking of movies, this brings me to the ongoing and very teenage saga of LotR:RotK.

Sam is now coming with me. Lauren A.'s mother won tickets, so she's making Lauren go, so Sam's going. But considering she's there, he won't be much company, so I'm glad I talked Jamie into coming with us. I'm going to need some reasonable company.

Why must things be so needlessly complex and silly? *shakes head and walks away*

--- 10:55 ---

Hooray, I get U2! In a blueberry tree!

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And a u2 in a blueberry tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
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