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More of the same inane nonsense that I serve up every day

All of you who do NOT like Left Behind are going to enjoy this ...

"From a literary perspective the Left Behind books are less than impressive. The writing is mediocre, saturated with cliches and filled with wooden dialogue between two-dimensional characters. But the average writing and paper-thin characters hardly matter since the point of the series is to propagate dispensational beliefs about the end of the world, as evidenced by the numerous pages filled with sermons, lectures, and explanations about the Rapture, impending doom, and the coming Antichrist. In essence, the books are 'tract novels', stories wrapped around huge chunks of blatant proselytising." - Carl E. Olson, Will Catholics Be Left Behind?, pg 55-56

And I found this in the footnotes;

"Remarking on the quality of writing found in such popular prophecy books, whether fiction or otherwise, Paul Boyer writes that '[t]he genre of prophecy interpretation is an example of a collective discourse at the mass level. Individually, most of the authors lack stylistic or intellectual distinction. The writing is generally pedestrian and formulaic, the ideas for the most part banal and derivative. Yet viewed more broadly, and from a perspective of decades and even centuries, the genre is an engrossing one'."

FANTASTIC NEWS! I CAN FINALLY GET ADSL! HOORAY! My dialup modem shall now die, slowly and painfully. I'm so thrilled. Don't know when it'll actually be on - we need to work out what to get, what kind of a network we need to set up here between our computers, bla bla bla. Hopefully by New Year's, preferably by Christmas. But still, HOORAY!

The more I listen to the 02-05-85 boot, the more incredible this thing sounds. I need to find the proper version, not mp3 format, and without the errors in mine - The Unforgettable Fire and Party Girl are cut short, and Gloria is missing.

Some good quotes from a thread on the Interference MB;

"In the Scriptures we are not advised to love our neighbor, we are commanded."

"God is not looking for alms; God is looking for action"

"We are daily standing by while millions of people die for the stupidest reason of all: money."

"There are 2,300 verses of Scripture pertaining to the poor. History will judge us on how we deal with this crisis. God will judge us even harder"

"We must wake up the sleeping giant of the Church; we must set alarm clocks to rouse our politicians who also slumber. The choice is there before each and every one of us: to stop and tend to the distant pilgrim sick on the side of the road, or, a nervous glance, and we turn away . . . away from the pilgrim, away from God’s grace."

Though ... I had a very good conversation with deadlydenial last night, and really, I've realised I'm more flawed than I like to think. I know I'm arrogant, a procrastinator, and a bit egotistical about some things (and ironically have shockingly low self-esteem when it comes to a lot of other things), but that conversation was a humbling experience in a number of ways. I'm judgemental, prejudiced, and biased, and really, how can I help the world when I myself need helping first? But this still doesn't resolve the problem that people out there are dying, suffering, hurting, and not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. Maybe Africa is the craphole of the world and urgently needs help, but there are people dying on our streets as well. Eh ... I don't know. I just want to HELP. Things need fixing and I want to do something about it. I need fixing ... and I don't know what to do about it.

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