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More ramblings for today

I've never cried at a song before but 40 from 2 May 85 has brought me the closest I've ever been to shedding a tear. I think I'm in love with Bono's voice. *melts into a pool of pure fanladishness* This is like ... the best thing. Anyone want a copy? It's an epic 8:29 long version. Nearly as long as the very epic 12:03 rendition of Bad from the same concert that just rocks my socks off. The entire concert is fucking amazing and there's no other term for it because no other adjective (adverb? I hate grammatical terms) has as much descriptive power and emphasis as 'fucking'.

Let's go through the highlights ...

11 O'clock Tick Tock - The only better U2 opener was Mofo, and there is no better U2 song than 11OTT.
I Will Follow - 11OTT and IWF made the best combination. Works anywhere in the setlist, from the start to the end, a la UABRS.
The Unforgettable Fire - "Welcome to the unforgettable fire!" TOO DAMN RIGHT!
Wire - What are those vocal noises Bono makes at the start? Whatever they are, they're weird and funny. He makes the same noises during Even Better Than The Real Thing, 30-09-97, Popmart Tel Aviv.
The Electric Co. - I NEVER thought Amazing Grace would work in this song, BUT IT DOES AND AAAAHHHHHH!!!WONDERFULRADNESS!
A Sort Of Homecoming - The beautifulness of this song makes me melt.

"And you know it's time to go
Through the sleet and driving snow
Across the fields of mourning
Lights in the distance
And you hunger for the time
Time to heal, desire time
And your earth moves beneath
Your own dream landscape
Oh, oh, oh, on borderland we run
I'll be there, I'll be there
Tonight, we'll build a bridge across the sea and land

And we live by the side of a road
On the side of a hill
As the valley explodes
Dislocated, suffocated
The land grows weary of its own
You come away oh come away oh come oh come away say I oh
You come away oh come away you come you come away say I
Oh, oh, oh, on borderland we run
And still we run
We run and don't look back
The wind will crack in wintertime
This bomb blast lightning waltz
No spoken words, just a scream
And your heart beats so slow
Through the sleet and driving snow
Across the fields of mourning
Lights in the distance
Oh don't sorrow
No, don't weep
For tonight, with you, I am coming home
I am coming home"

Bad - This is quite possibly THE BEST rendition of Bad EVER. The portion after "This desperation/Isolation/Revelation ..." isn't as good as on Rattle And Hum, but the sheer length, passion, and insane amount of quotes makes it a viable challenger to 8 November 87's crown as The Best Of Bad.
Knockin' On Heaven's Door - First time U2 ever covers this, Bono forgets the words (deliberately?), but his improvisation is quite good.
40 - There are only two words: FUCKING AMAZING. It's quite incredible how the last minute is just the crowd singing as U2 leaves the stage for good. And before that ... Bono's voice ... WOW. He sings his little Irish heart out.

Can anyone tell me who originally sung "Take me to the river/Wash me in the water"? I'm sure I've heard multiple versions of it, and Bono quotes it in Bad. Did Talking Heads do it originally?

So they caught Saddam. This proves me right, of course, and lends weight to my pro-war case, shuts up anti-war morons like Patrick (even if, ironically enough, I'm turning pacifist at the moment), and ... is good. But really, I feel quite apathetic. I'm interested, but there's this big "SO WHAT?" hanging over it. Honestly, I don't think much is going to change, or at least not for the bad. I think all these fears about terrorism are completely unfounded. Any of you who think they do have a strong base, I highly urge you to revise your history: Slobodan Milosevic and Kosovo would make a good starting point. I doubt the danger to your average Westerner will increase one bit, not even for those of you poor sods in America. I feel perfectly comfortable sleeping at night, and so should you. A despot has been caught, a country has been freed from tyranny, and whatever al-Qaeda or Moronic Alternate Organisation X does would've happened anyway. Look at September 11. What could possibly be termed the biggest terrorist attack in history (though not in my opinion, and I'm NOT referring to Hiroshima or Nagasaki here as worse like some do, because I term those as legitimate acts of war) occurred after ... what? No ruthless dictator had been caught. No new war had been declared. No defamation of Islam resulting in a fatwa had been done by the American government. This attack was completely unprovoked.

These terror organisations do not work how we expect them to work. When someone bombs us, we want to bomb the crap out of them straight away and make sure the whole world knows it. They build up attacks. They don't do rash strikes. They strike when they're good and ready, not when they're pissed off. It's like they've realised something we seem to consistently miss: anger clouds judgement. Why is it we keep on missing this? Is it too obvious or something?

But really, I'm wallowing in apathy. Saddam was caught. Hooray. The sun will rise tomorrow. There will not be a terrorist attack, or at least not on Western soil. Life, remarkably, will go on.

Sod, I didn't go do exercise today. Time just got ahead of me, and I'm quite annoyed at myself. That was bad of me. I really need to get fit.

I'm still torn up about this helping people issue that I posted about earlier. It's getting to me more and more: I don't see how so many people can just sit aside while thousands die. I can't tolerate the injustice of it all: while we make mountains out of molehills, things are just falling apart in the Third World, and some people couldn't care less. These people are our fellow human beings. Don't make a distinction between them and us. Don't say we should help our nation first. Forget national boundaries - they're a pile of dung and all they do is create animosity and feelings that aren't necessary. People in Africa are just as human as you and me, and I don't see why we should treat our race as more important than theirs. We talk about helping our poor, but half the time, that's a joke. I've lived below the poverty line myself for a good few years, and yet I still had shelter, food, running clean water, sewage, and a bit of money in my pocket. These people in Africa have NOTHING. We should help at home, yes, but which is more important? Giving a Christmas cake to the family that only has some TV dinners for their Christmas meal, or giving food, ANY food, to the five year old boy who has absolutely NONE? I know which I'd pick.

We should all be grateful that we're blessed enough to live in the Western world. Outside Australia, outside New Zealand, outside America, outside other Western nations ... it sounds like hell, and my heart breaks for them.

I can now see why it's so much easier not to care.

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