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Last two years, Sam and I have gone to LotR on the opening day, Boxing Day. It's been grand fun, and quite frankly, I wouldn't have gone if he hadn't come with me. I need to sit really close to the screen - think front row - and Sam's the only person going who likes sitting there, so it's good to have company. Now when it's a movie that's been out for ages and there's few people there, I'm cool with going by myself, but when it's opening day of LotR, you can guarantee there'll be heaps of people and I hate sitting by strangers. I have this aversion to people I don't know, especially when I have to sit by them for 3+ hours. So considering this dislike of social interaction, I was rather relying on Sam coming with me to RotK. Well guess what. He's backed out. Instead of coming with me on the 26th, he's going on the 28th. And why? Because that's when Lauren A.'s going. Well fuck you too. So just because some girl's going two days later means you're going to not give a damn about your best, closest friend? You're going to go with some person you'll break up with by the middle of next year instead of the guy who's been your friend for nigh on four years? Really, I feel rorted. If I happened to have a girlfriend - haha, like that's going to happen - I'd tell her I'm going with Sam, and if she can't make it, that's just too damn bad because in December 2001, Sam and I had planned this. I really would do that. I value my friendships and I value plans made two years in advance.

Is this selfish of me? Really, I don't think so. Is it right to throw away two year old plans with your closest friend to go with some girl? Really, I don't think so. (Warning: if you happen to be in a relationship of some sort, you may want to skip this part if you don't want a cold, hard dose of reality from a pissed off bloke) Odds are, he's not going to be with her in a few months. Teenage relationships NEVER last. Honestly, I'm getting to the point where I'm glad I'm not in a relationship and people who are in them are starting to bug me by their delusions that it's going to last forever. You want to know how many people at sixteen (or younger) actually end up forever with the person they're currently with? Try PITIFULLY FEW and if you think you're going to be one of them, then you're just like the millions of others out there who are almost certainly going to prove to be WRONG. Don't kid yourself, really. Don't launch yourself into these delusions and exaggerate them even further in your mind until you're so majorly infatuated with the person that you just give the rest of your friends - YOUR LOYAL FRIENDS - the flick. Doing that is just WRONG and there's no way around it. How would you feel if I decided some girl I'd only known for a few months was more important than my close friendship I'd had with you for YEARS? How would you feel if I decided that even though we'd been through heaps together, it was more worth my while to spend time with some girl I hadn't shared nearly as much with? You'd feel rotten and pissed off, wouldn't you? So don't fucking do it to me. THANK YOU.

(Warning over)

With that all said, I actually had a good day with Sam and didn't give him any spiel, though one day soon I might. We had a game of pool, then we decided to mix it up and put the snooker balls on the table as well, inventing the sport of snool. Great fun. He gave me some of the U2 bootlegs he downloaded for me - the list reads as follows;

(all mp3 sourced)
- 17-03-82 New York
- 02-07-83 Torhout
- 05-02-85 Bologna
- 07-03-83 Bristol
- 08-08-87 Cork
- 12-11-84 Birmingham Soundcheck
- 18-09-97 Rome (I believe this is just the second half of the concert)
- 30-09-97 Tel Aviv
- 21-07-01 Turin

I'm going to listen through them all to note any flaws and determine the quality (Bologna's sounding great though the ending of The Unforgettable Fire is missing and there's a sound issue for a few seconds in, ironically, Seconds), and then I'll check the setlists to see if there's anything missing or if it's the full show.

And squee, there's more than a CD to come! Hooray! Speaking of 'hooray', [MacPhisto-style] look at what you've done to me [/MacPhisto-style] - I've picked up all kinds of words off all kinds of people lately. I've caught myself saying 'hurrah', 'disturbing as all get out', 'crazy-go-nuts', 'theirloveissopure', and all kinds of stuff like that lately. I'm not sure whether to thank you or level a charge of messing with my vocabulary at you lot ('you lot' being those of you on my LJ Friends who have caused this).

12:02am - This is most amusing.

--- 12:25 ---

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

This is from purplicious

01. I like muffins.
02. The Edge is a fantastic guitarist.
03. I think Andre needs to listen to more non-U2 music.
04. M*A*S*H is a very good TV show.
05. I like Turkish Delight.
06. I'm not too picky when it comes to music, but some stuff I just can't stand.
07. I hate when people type in all caps online.

08. I'm ashamed I was ever a part of the Pokemon craze.
09. New Zealand rocks.
10. I'm addicted to the Internet.
11. I love getting things in the mail, but it's excruciating waiting for them (i.e. online shopping).
12. Chrsitmas is one of the greatest holidays.
13. I am the oldest child in the family.
14. I love lemonade.

15. I love history and geography.
16. I need a hair cut but I just don't care.
17. I speak German.
18. I attempt to webdesign.
19. I don't like the sound my computer's currently making.
20. I want to go to Europe.
21. It needs to snow more.
[In fact, it simply needs to snow]
22. It's fun to act.
23. Music makes everything -- or most things -- better.
24. Respect/trust is important to me.
25. I look at everyone's AIM info everytime they're online, even though it rarely changes. (This includes people who have AOL. I don’t know why.)
26. I also read everyone's away messages.
27. I say "ouch" if I bump into something even if it doesnt hurt, or if I even drop something and it makes a noise but doesnt touch me.
28. I'm a weird person.
29. I'm in love with the night, but I hate it when everything's closed.
30. I get bored easily.
31. I'd be lost without my friends.
32. I don't like waking up early.
33. I procrastinate. A LOT.
[We all know just how true that is!]
34. I'm addicted to LiveJournal.
35. I sleep too much (On weekends).
36. I love songs that feature at least one member of U2.
37. I am apathetic towards talking on the phone.
38. I'm stingy with my money and save it up.
39. I'm open to new music, but I hate it when people sneer at my music taste.
40. If I like a movie I'll watch it over and over again until I'm tired of it, then I put it away for a while before I watch it again.
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing. Still, I’ll like almost anything just because the person took the time to pick it out.

42. I hate music that isn't in English.
43. I'm ambidextrous.
44. Whenever someone buys me something (as a gift, birthday, Christmas, etc.), I always feel obligated to get something for them, too.
45. I love long messages in yearbooks, even though I don't always write long messages.

46. If I don't like you, you damn well know it.
47. I don't care when things I like become trendy.
48. Actually, I couldn't care less if what I like is trendy or not.
49. I don't really care what people think of me.
50. I am largely apathetic towards hair colour and style.
51. I like moonlight.
52. I want to travel everywhere but I can't do it alone.
53. I have glasses.
54. I try not to worry about stuff.
55. I abhor rap.
56. Inside jokes are the greatest.
57. It's easy to make me laugh or smile.

58. I play the electric guitar.
59. I have mp3s of live U2 songs.
60. I wish I could write better. [Seriously, I do]
61. I'm not overly keen on most of my nicknames.
62. I like confusing people.
63. I hate drugs. And smoking.
64. I don't wanna grow up.
65. I've never played "Dance Dance Revolution"
66. I can't draw.

67. I love rugby union.
68. I like writing stories.
69. I neglect other things if I focus on one thing too much.
70. School could be worse.
71. I don't immediately hate a book just because I have to read it for school.

72. I do not regard American accents as "normal" and find it amusing when Americans say they are.
73. I'm online a lot. I have no life.
74. It's easy for me to slack off.

75. I can find stuff in my room easier when it's messy.
76. I love to laugh.
77. I love to read.

78. I hate it when people think one must act immature to have fun.
79. I hate sentences that don't make sense.
80. I'd prefer to be alone ... or with one or two really close friends, but being alone is often preferable.
81. I enjoy being my age.
82. I try to be honest most of the time and hate being called a liar when I'm not.

83. I like Where The Streets Have No Name.
84. I'm afraid of being boring and annoying -- because I can be -- but sometimes I am.
85. Most of my family lives in another country.
86. I can't cook.
87. I <33 ice cream.

88. I heart Italian food. Hooray for pizza and lasagne!
89. I do my best to be openminded about most things.
90. I don't like to quit things.

91. I only eat breakfast on school days. Indeed, on non-school days, I usually wake up too late for breakfast.
92. I hate people who walk slow when you are behind them.
93. I like long car rides if I'm confortable and have a friend to talk to.
94. I like rain.

95. I sometimes wish I could turn off the sun.
96. I like to stay up really late and sleep in the next morning {or more like ... later that day}
97. Homework often proves to be wasteful for me.
98. I will only drink water when it is COLD.
99. I heart chocolate cake.
100. I hate hypocrites. [Even though I am one]

Got my report today.

Study Of Religion: High Achievement (HA)
Mathematics B: Sound Achievement (upon reading the breakdown of my marks, I don't understand this mark - it's a low HA at the worst)
Mathematics C: Very High Achievement (VHA)
Geography: VHA
German: VHA
English: VHA
Modern History: HA

I'm pretty pleased with that. I was hoping for a VHA for SOR, but it was a high HA and bloody good for a guy who's just joined the class. I loved my teacher's comment about me being a welcome addition to the class. I find it ironic how I did much better at Maths C than B, and that says a lot about my respective teachers. The Geography, German, and English marks were givens, and I'm a bit peeved with my History mark but I haven't been completely impressed with having the Gibbo as my teacher this year.

Could've been better, though. Then again, even if I got VHAs for everything I still would find something to pick fault with.

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