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Model trains and other stuff

So I was answering a survey but somehow I managed to lose it. Damn. I did a few quizzes a couple of days ago and lost the results of them too. Turns out I'm a spelling and grammar Hitler (no surprises there) and that Colorado's the best state for me or something. It has the locations of my two favourite songs, I'll give it that. For the curious, those songs are 11 O'clock Tick Tock (5 June 1983, Red Rocks) and Bad (8 November 1987, McNichol's Arena). Hooray for U2!

I've run out of stuff to download. Or more precisely, I've run out of stuff to download that doesn't have insanely long queues. I hate those queues. I want the music now; I am not waiting for a few days in a queue only to reach the front while I'm OFFline.

Ran the Lego trains at the local church tonight with Sam. That was pretty fun, good deal of people came through, but the trains were being annoying. One line kept on randomly dying, there was a connection that was out that we didn't know about so we spent ages puzzling over this daft black spot, a couple of trains would fall apart when you picked them up, there were a few derailments ... but it was fun. Seats would be nice, though. Too much standing. And Lego train controllers and wiring are so primitive compared to the HO scale stuff that I prefer to run.

For the unfamiliar, proper model railroading (that's the really detailed stuff, not Lego) has multiple scales. The most popular is H0 (aitch-oh), which is 1:87 (in other words, 87 times smaller than the real thing), and the scale I model in. It has the widest variety of equipment at the cheapest prices, and although it takes up a bit more room than I'd like, it's large enough so I can see most detail. If I were to convert to any other scale, it would be N, 1:166 - although it's a bit small for me, it takes up less room and has the second-widest range of equipment (though not nearly as wide as HO) and often you can pick up basic stuff for it cheaper than HO. For the curious, HO stands for Half O, though it's not exactly that - O is 1:48 (USA) or 1:44 (UK). The smallest scale is Z (1:250 if I remember right), S is 1:66, G is used for garden railways and has internal variation (1:22, 1:24, 1:32.5, et cetera), TT (1:100 or 1:120, stands for Table Top), and there are other, less common, scales. I heard of one, called R, which was something like 1:92 and there is a company that makes the wheels but you have to build EVERYTHING else yourself - track, engines, couplers, and so on. There are also subsections of scales. The scales I've mentioned above are all scaled down replices of trains running on 4'8.5" tracks, but not all railways around the world have such track - here in Queensland and back over in NZ, it's 3'6", and to model that in HO with full realism, you'd use HOn3.5 - that is, HO scale trains and scenery running on slightly narrower track (I think TT is used).

Alright, that'll do. Any questions? Heh, that's doubtful.


Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

Studied him in German class, too. Shame I had to drown. I like the parts about being declared legally insane, being a recluse, reading poetry in my electrically illuminated grotto, and building some of the most fantastic castles. Had I gone to Germany earlier this year, I could've gone to Neuschwanstein. Had I gone. Sob.

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