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Please, don't ask me for clever subject lines

Why is it that often, the most annoying people are your family? Grr. They can be so bloody embarrassing, too. Just leave me alone. Don't speak to me.

I'm trying to decide what I want to do with my hair at the moment. Aunt Karina's compared it to sheep's wool, and it's two inches high. Spiking it is a fun idea. Someone - one of my relatives, anyway - thinks I should get a multicoloured mohawk, whereas I'm more keen on simply dying it something like black or green. Suggestions?

Oh great ... I think James is going to pull his making-lots-of-noise-with-some-girl-in-the-lounge trick again. Please no. Why must family be so annoying?

One good thing that came out of the nonsense with the phone line this morning is that my Internet is connecting at faster speeds. Whee! Downloading, here I come.

I SO BADLY NEED A JOB AND NO-ONE IS HELPING! Grr. I'm the only person with my act half together and I don't have a means of fricking transportation. Things were meant to happen by MONDAY. It's less than an hour until THURSDAY now, you gits. GRR.

Just to keep the pattern of one negative paragraph followed by one positive paragraph, I may be doing a whole bunch of U2 trades soon. As long as Mum approves it - which she should - this will be sobloodygrand!

I've also realised I love Crowded House.

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