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Limited vocabulary, spammers, personas, and things like that

Limited vocabulary: my acquiantance Tim is driving me mad with his very limited vocabulary. Amongst the following are words he has never heard of at all (not just doesn't know the meaning of): 'pedantic', 'facetious', 'self-contradictory', 'contradict' (that shocked me), and 'oxymoron'. Plus, when I wrote "All the people I talk to on AIM live in America bar one, who lives in Australia.", he thought that I'd typoed 'but' as 'bar'. He was totally unaware that it could be used in that context. I actually found that quite amusing, because I had to explain to him - slowly, too - that it was not a typo. Most people I know, if they didn't know it could be used like that, would've just questioned me on the usage, but he went straight ahead and assumed it was a typo.

Spammers and personas: I'm getting sick of the Soon MB being spammed and invaded by personas. It's annoying, stupid, and makes me want to break something. First it was JerryIsAnAssHole - but that was only one thread and may not be applicable - and now we've got idiots like JBJ_Rules, I AM A GOODER MO, and Super-Duper Rapture Boy. It's driving me mad and I wish they'd stop. And now we have folks popping up named Andre and Andres. Is this some deliberate ripoff of me? Grr.

OK, personas are sometimes witty and clever if done well, like Keikikoka's I Love Eggs! persona on YTF. That was very good and made me laugh. But stupid crap like JBJ_Rules makes me want to scream. If people are going to do personas, they could at least do them tastefully and with some humour. Stupid spamming - especially when it gives away important story elements like JBJ_Rules did on the SMB in regards to Harry Potter - is pathetic, immature, and needs to stop.

By the way, can anyone tell me if Anakin Skywalker on YTF was a persona or not? I did have one massive argument with him at the start of this year, so I'd love to know if I was arguing with a real person or with some persona. I'd also love to know who did it if he was a persona. Looking back on that argument, I must say all I can do is laugh. I acted so immaturely, and instead of beating myself up over it or anything, I figure the best thing to do is learn lessons from it (which I have), and then be able to laugh at it. We all need to laugh at ourselves from time to time, I think.

I'd post some more stuff but I doubt anyone cares, so I won't. If you do want to hear more, just remind me of my Mum's over-sensitive ex-boyfriend who couldn't laugh at himself.

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