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Important edit (12:07am): Hotmail is deleting my e-mails when I send them and reducing them to little more than blank crap. Hence, I can't e-mail anyone. Lauren, I'll give you the information online tomorrow, and other e-mails will simply have to go unreplied. Got a pressing question or want something replied to? Ask it here. This seems to be working perfectly fine.

Hotmail, pull yourself together.

Back to original programming now ...

I'm boring

why is YOUR livejournal annoying?
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So I'm boring? Well now, that's no surprise.

AIM's being daft. It won't let me send or receive files for some inexplicable reason, and is simply being a right royal pain in the neck. MSN lets me send and receive perfectly fine, so I don't see why AIM won't.

I've discovered something rather amusing. In summer, one can be so hot that one can't sleep, so one turns on one's fan, but the fan makes so much noise that although one is now cool, one can't sleep. Well, it's amusing as long as it doesn't happen to you. My fan is more of a nuisance than my humming computer and blinking lights of various electrical gadgets combined.

I've been thinking more and more about going to America. It'll probably be during summer 2005, depending on how the money and university situations work out. I reckon we should plan some kind of YTF convention for then.

Um ... was there more? I'm sure there was. Maybe later I'll make a list showing why U2's the biggest band ever.

--- 1:57 ---

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I love that. A lot.

--- 9:56 ---

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(Warning: welcome to Negativity Land)

Hmm ... I'm not really the Christmas-y kind of guy. Apart from the presents - let me be selfish, I only like the getting part - I find it a thorough waste of time. No, I do not want to watch you open a present you probably don't like. No, I don't want to eat a meal I probably won't like. No, I don't want to spend hours with relatives I certainly don't like. Can I be alone? Leave me alone. Or at least focus on the point of the season and pass me a glass of good wine. I do not want a roast. I hate roasts. I do not want lots of chocolate, because I actually want to look good and because I can't be bothered exercising, chocolate will not help me. I do not want gifts I didn't ask for, I want exactly what I wrote on that list or money. I do not want you to get drunk and act like a moron because it's simply embarrassing for all of us who have to watch. I do not want to sit around talking because you're all full of gossip I couldn't care less about.

Really. Christmas bugs me. It never used to, but the last few years, I've slowly lost my liking of it. I don't like Christmas carols, especially the dodgy modern ones about Santa. I don't like being dragged around to relatives' houses. I don't like the food. I'm not a vegetarian, but I routinely avoid meat because it's always too fatty or too tough (chicken, please, not steak), and I'm not a meatarian but I avoid many vegetables because they're disgusting (when I say I would like coleslaw instead of brocolli, GASP, I actually mean it). I don't like the hot temperatures. I just want to be left ALONE. I'm a solitary person. Well, not quite. A couple of friends and I'm perfectly happy. But I need time to myself. And if you must make me be sociable - which is over-rated in the first place - then please, please, please, talk about something intelligent. Maybe, GASP, we could talk about why we actually celebrate Christmas, and it could come as a shock to you, but it's not because some man in a red suit bought a sleigh and gives presents to all the boys and girls. If that's not your style, then I'm cool with something that is non-gossipy. I do not want to hear about the sexual preferences of celebrities, I do not want to hear about why my Uncle Ian is an arsehole, I do not want to hear about that silly Christmas special you watched last night (and the year before, and in 2000, and in 1997, and 1995), I do not you to go on about just how fabulous the food was(n't).

So yes, that'll do. This is my negative rant for the Christmas season and hopefully there will be no more relating to the topic. I plan on a positive Christmas, unlike last year. But there are negative feelings and I needed to acknowledge them and rant about it. Do not plan on replying if you are going to disagree because I don't need to hear it, don't care, and it's not going to do much anyway. If you think I'm negative, then that makes two of us. If you want it to change, then it will, because as I just said, I want a positive Christmas. I once read that if you suppress the negative feelings, it can turn into ... something psychologically bad I forget the name of, and I happened to agree with that. So look, I've acknowledged the negative feelings.

Now let's walk on.

However, if you want to vent your annoyances with Christmas, now's the time to do so.

--- 10:16 ---

Oh why, why doesn't Hotmail like me? This is not the time to make snide remarks along the lines of "Because you're such a negative bastard." I think I may need to work on the negativity and cynicism a bit. Sorry, habit, folks. Then again, it's saved me from trouble and predicament before, and proved me right ... not everything is totally bad.

--- 10:34 ---

Australia's official population has now passed 20 million. Yay for us!

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