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I was going to put a U2 line about lies here, but I can't think of any

Lauren, considering your comment of yesterday, one of us might be having MSN troubles, so please do tell me when you're online.

I hate it when some stuff downloads really promptly, and then other stuff decides to go excessively slow. I downloaded one song last night at very good, likeable speeds ... then I downloaded three more from the same site at drearingly slow speed. Annoying. And yes, I keep on meaning to download non-U2 stuff, but the call of U2ness can be quite hard to resist indeed.

Last night I lied to Dad. I still don't feel that bad about it. I'm so used to lying, distorting the truth, omitting details, telling 'white lies', or whatever to Dad that when I do it now, it seems so natural and it doesn't really feel wrong. That bothers me ... and doesn't. I hate lying, and yet I seem to have no qualms with lying to Dad. Is what I'm doing wrong? Oh, most certainly. But it's habit, and it helps me to avoid all kinds of nasty questions/lectures/whatnot. Ugh.

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