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There's a Christmas tree in my lounge. What the Popmart? Unless I'm gravely mistaken, it's still November! And ... what the hell is the Christmas tree doing up anyway? It goes up twelve days before Christmas, and goes down twelve after. That's the way it's always been, and it's the way it should be. Goes up at just about the time I'm starting to feel Christmasy and think about it. It's not nearly Christmastime yet. So many people are already into Christmas mode ... and I really don't get it because it's still November. Then again, I never really get into Christmas mode until a week before Christmas, if not less.

Though I love the Christmas tree lights. They flicker and are nice.

Burns is such a dumbass. Fade Pat would agree with me on that.

Go away stupid little bugs that are landing on my nice new flat screen.

I think I'll be staying up past 4am. 46664 concert is being webcast and features Bono, hence I must see it.

I'm trying to learn how to burn CDs with my new burner, but I'm a technological moron so I can't quite figure it out. I want to copy bootlegs onto a blank CDR - what format do I copy them onto my computer first? .wav? I'm lost. Maybe I'll post in Interference for some help.

And even though things hardly feel Christmasy, I have figured out what I'll do for everyone for Christmas, which is a massive change from previous years. I love my CD burner and having unlimited downloads.

At last count, I'd taken over 500 screenshots of Slane. Hee.
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