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Sleeping in doesn't seem to agree with me. I crashed at about 2am, woke up at 9, slept on and off until about 11:30 ... and right now I feel very tired and my head hurts. Seems I just can't sleep in. Maybe I should go to bed early and wake up exceedingly early. That seems to like me better. Or maybe I got too much sleep. I tend to run well on 7 hours, even though I'd love a sleep in.

This year's yearbook = worst yearbook ever. Crappy cover, no contents (!), not all the grade eights appeared in the grade eight photo section (they do this special section of photos of all the grade eights, and yet I couldn't spot some that I know - when I was in grade eight, we all made it and I was there three times!), no grade eight or nine report, terrible photo of me in the debating report (actually, it was OK, just my hair makes me look silly), no page for signatures at the back (instead there was a fricking ad) (though unless you're in grade eight or twelve, no-one really cares for signatures any more, and the twelves sign each other's shirts), no grade 12 profile, no "Can you imagine?" ... what the hell were they thinking? It's terrible. I feel embarrassed to have it.

Why is LJ stuffing me around with edits? Is my post from 12:13am this morning showing an edit at 1:02am or not? Apparently it is when I simply view my journal, but it isn't when I check the e-mail notification of comments. Gah. You dumb thing.

There WAS something good I was going to talk about. Um ...

One thing that feels ... weird, I guess, is that I only have one year of school left. Next year is going to be a year of lasts. Jamie and I were talking about it, and quite frankly, it doesn't feel right. School's not supposed to be nearly finished already! I don't feel like I'm going into grade 12, I really don't. It's weird and strange, and I'll miss the place. Not sure I want to leave. And they say next year is the shortest year of your life ...

--- 1:52 ---

Is someone spiking my lemonade or something? I feel like I have a frickin' hangover. Ugh. (And before anyone asks how I know what a hangover feels like when I've never been drunk, I've grown up around people who sometimes have a bit more alcohol than they should so although I've never had one myself, I rather know what it's like)

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