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LJ, this is no longer funny


Please stop telling me an edit's been made and then show me a very unedited post.

Please stop randomly changing how much is in my post.

Please stop suddenly making my four-times-edited post completely unedited.

Please give me all my edits back.

Please don't show me a comment has been made only to go ahead and not show it on another view.

Please stop being a right pain in the neck. This has gotten long past funny. If my last post is a garbled mess, it's all your fault. Stop this. NOW.


--- 1:02am ---

You know what's really sad? I was just randomly surfing through LJ user info pages, and whenever I saw birthdays, I'd relate them back to U2: "Oh, that's Bono's birthday!" "I have a boot from that date!" "That's the same day as when U2 opened for Thin Lizzy at the first Slane Castle gig!" (that's you, Mike) "Ooo, that's a day before that song on Rattle And Hum!" and so forth ...

So very sad.

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