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Bullet the blue

Oh. My. Euphemism.

This is like Slane all over again. Just better.

I'm a U2 fanlad. Don't like it? Too bad. Like it? Send me bootlegs.

I am really starting to love this week.

Here's how it's gone;

Saturday (? Was it another day? I'm so bloody forgetful; I'll need to check an old entry): Slane DVD. *drool*
Sometime around this week: Sam said he'd download and burn some U2 boots for me. I'm making up my mind about what I want now. Definitely Rock's Hottest Ticket ... Another Time, Another Place is appealling, too ... I wonder if I can get The Complete Boston Tapes 83 from anywhere?
Tuesday night: One Tree Hill, 26 December 1989. Good bob that's incredible.
Today: Firstly, I just downloaded Bullet The Blue Sky from Stockholm, 11 June 1992, and it's bloody amazing. I've never heard Edge go so nuts on a Bullet riff before. I love it. And Bono is hyped up as well. Secondly ... I bloody well love the fact I discovered Interference. I've met a guy there who's going to trade me a VCD of the 27 November 1993 Sydney concert (yep, ten years ago today. Probably was just finishing right about now), audio of the Auckland 1993 concert, and I'm going to ask him if he'll send me the 60 minute VCD of the Christchurch 1993 concert as well. Well, it's all B&P, so I have to send him the CDs first. amphibious_one, I imagine you'll be interested in that Christchurch VCD.

saintcheney Sarah, I imagine you'll also be interested in it. In fact, I have a bit of an idea/deal to discuss with you. I'll ask you about it tomorrow or Saturday.

Tomorrow I'll be getting my new computer. Can't wait. I'll also stock up on blank CDs. I love trading live U2 stuff. U2's so much better live. If you've only heard their studio stuff ... you're really missing out. Forget their studio stuff. With the exception of only a few songs, they're much better live. The most notable exception is Pride, which I've never heard a live version of that is as good as the studio version on The Unforgettable Fire, but admittedly I've never heard a performance of it pre-1987, so it probably sounded amazing on the 1984-85 Unforgettable Fire tour. And With Or Without You ... bloody amazing on the Joshua Tree tour, puts the studio version to shame, but the Popmart and Elevation versions that I've heard have been weak. It should be removed from the setlist, because it's not what it was. The performance on Rattle And Hum is fucking fantastic, there's no other term for it, but ... Popmart Mexico is poor, and Elevation Boston is only average (only seen Elevation Slane once, though my initial impression was "yeah, it's a bit better than Elevation Boston").

Anyhow, back to my new computer. I plan on taking screen shots of Slane, will find somewhere to host them (hmm ... new VillagePhotos account, maybe), and also sometime soon I'll start burning/trading a bit. As I said, Sarah, I want to discuss an idea with you ... how probable is it that you can buy a version of U2 7? If you can't get that ... we'll discuss things anyway.

This version of Bullet is bloody incredible.

--- 10:11pm ---

Aaahhhh! Eeeeee! He'll do the trade for me next week! Woo! To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. And YES, I WILL be getting the (incomplete) Christchurch VCD. Oh my oh my ohmy ohmyohmyohmyohmy I'm so thrilled. Next week's probably going to be a big week of trading - I'll see what I can do with burning my two other boots for you, Frog (The more I listen to it, the more I worry that some tracks from 13/12/81 won't copy).

English exam tomorrow. Pfft, it'll be blindingly easy. Then we've got a special Christmas Chapel (which could be anything from terrible to bland to enjoyable), and then a final home room (actually just a way the school can get free labour by getting us to clean things up instead of letting the cleaners do their job), and we get our yearbooks. Looks like next year I'll be working on the yearbook organisation committee thingamajig. It's either that or I'll be the debating organise-y guy. Or both. Both would work. I have a passion for debating ... and getting to work on the humour sections (i.e. "Can you imagine ...?") of the yearbook would be grand. Hee, "Can you imagine Andre with a tan?" ACTUALLY, speaking of that, I'm going to try something. On one current affairs show a couple of nights ago, there was this feature on those fake tan creams. Being an albino, I can't get a real tan, but I want to try these fake tan creams. Sam and I were talking about how funny it'll be if I got a fake tan, dyed my hair black, and got new glasses (which I will be doing soon), and rocked up like that on the first day of school - NO-ONE WOULD RECOGNISE ME! It'd be hilarious. I might do it.

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