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My computer hates me, and Lego trains hate Sam

My computer has decided to take revenge upon me. Obviously, it has learnt that I am getting a new computer, and instead of trying to suck up to me in a vain attempt to be kept and not rejected (re: passed on) to James, it's freezing on me. Regularly. And only when I'm online. Earlier today, just before I was about to go to my Maths C exams, it froze. I got back on ... within a few minutes, it froze again and that time, I couldn't get back online because I had to go. Last night it froze bare seconds after I finished downloading One Tree Hill (26/12/89) (which, it must be noted, I now have a new appreciation for). I was trying to e-mail Chantel ... and it froze. Same thing happened when I restarted. GRR. Stupid fricking computer. Can't wait until I get my new computer. Hopefully it'll be well-behaved.

Maths C knowledge exam went quite nicely. I feel I'll get anywhere between an A and a B, hopefully closer to the former. Problem solving exam was harder, though I feel I'll get a B for every question. Hopefully those Bs will be As.

After the exams, we headed down to the local church to do our Lego trains thing, which is a part of their Christmas display thing. That went grand. Getting to run trains is great fun. I prefer proper model trains, mainly HO scale, but Lego trains are still good. But hee, they kept on stopping on Sam, falling to pieces on Sam, or being otherwise mean to Sam. Hence, we determined they do not like him.

So we had good fun ... but my feet are sore from lots of standing, and we finished 'early' (as in at 7 rather than 9:30) so we weren't supplied with dinner, and neither Sam's family nor my Mum had made anything for us because they thought we were being fed. Grr. So I was very hungry by the time I got home. But tortallini (however it's spelled) can be rather filling.

Speaking of food, strange thing happened today. A random bag of grapes appeared in my school bag. From where, I don't know. *cue scary music*

--- 9:32 ---

That's the other thing that happened today. Just got reminded about it by some useless bastard from my school talking to me online. The Maths C knowledge exam had just finished ... when my mobile phone went off. 1. How the hell did it turn on in my pocket? It's nigh on impossible. 2. Someone was actually calling me? ME? Wow. I never get calls. But 3. the worst part about it, IS I WOULDN'T HAVE A CLUE WHO IT WAS! I've never seen the number before in my life. It's a local number, but beyond that I wouldn't have a clue.

Actually, the worst part is the arseholes at school bringing it back up later. It's bad enough when your phone goes off in the middle of an exam room and everyone looks at you, but it's even worse when people pretend it happened in the MIDDLE of the exam instead of a minute AFTER it had finished, and when they make snide remarks and keep on telling you to turn your phone off. All I heard before the problem solving exam was "I really hope no mobile phones go off this time. So disrespectful! How stupid could you be?" and worse crap. It took a lot of well-timed arrogance and a superiority complex that had been brought to the surface by some uneducated comments by Tom at lunchtime to keep my cool. See, that's the good thing about being an arrogant bastard like I am - people who insult you just aren't worth your time and talking to them is a waste of breath. So it does have its uses.

I've been thinking about it lately, and arrogance and a feeling of superiority is the hardest thing to shake. I keep on trying to be humble, I keep on trying not to think that I'm better than everyone else in my grade, I keep on trying not to take someone beating me as a slap in the face and a crime ... but it's so hard. When you're arrogant, you don't see a need to change. You think you're perfectly fine the way you are and it's other people who have the problems, not you. Or when you do realise you need to change, it's too hard to change your ways of thinking, or this sneaky little voice will pop up saying "Hang on a minute, you're just fine the way you are, don't bother changing." And even when I shunt that voice away ... I still find it hard to shake such thoughts. Thing is, I am better than a lot of people at a lot of things, so that doesn't exactly lower my ego or arrogant feelings.


--- 10:14 ---

If you are going to send me a stupid, pointless e-mail containing little or no text ... DON'T. It's REALLY annoying.

--- 10:40 or so ---

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