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For the second time in two days, Attention All

Some of you have recommended bands to me. Many of you have complained that I listen to U2 too much and other stuff not enough. I'm sure a lot of you would like to recommend your favourite band to me.

So now's your chance.

I now have unlimited downloads. I don't know how long this will last for, but for the time being I have unlimited downloads and thus, I encourage you to recommend stuff to me. I most likely won't download it until my new computer is hooked up, but still, make your recommendations. If you want to recommend particular songs, go right ahead. If you want to recommend a band/artist, do that, but please suggest a few (2-4) of their/his/her best tracks so that I know what to check out. Also, if you could possibly state what style or genre of music they are (or if you reckon they are not able to be classed in a genre (as I say with U2), please at least offer some description), I would appreciate that.

So go ahead and recommend music to me!

On another note, I've found out how to transfer files from my old computer to my new one. On Sunday, Sam says he'll bring round his CD burner, put it in my old computer (seeing he's experienced with hardware stuff), burn everything I want to keep onto the CD, and then take it over to my new computer. Sam rocks as a friend.

We were also dividing next year's Top Of [Subject] awards between ourselves. He's going to top Physics and IT, I'm going to top English, SOR, Modern History, and Geography, and we're both going to try to top Maths B and C and don't care who wins just as long as it's one of us. We just want to beat Mitch Coote. And Sam would like to take out all of Physics, IT, Maths B, and Maths C just to give his old teachers a tremendous shock because they don't think he's that good. He reckons if he wins it - and I believe he could - he'll give Mr Capper a hernia.

And I'm also plotting to win the Senior Public Speaking Award in conjunction with becoming the first person to ever win the Senior Debating Award two years in a row. What would be truly funny is if everything goes the way we're plotting.

On a side note, we could BOTH win top of Maths B and C because they do give out equal first. Hee.

"Don't believe the Devil/Don't believe his book/But the truth is not the same without the lies he made up ..." - U2, God Part II

That has to be one of the best lines Bono has ever written. It's so TRUE.
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