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Why is it names seem to determine a person's character?

Every Ben I've met has been a bit on the weird or annoying side. Every Lauren I've met has been a really nice person. Every Chris I've met has made for a good enough friend. Every Matt has been a bit aggressive. And so on.

Every Robby I have met, I have not liked (Lauren, please don't kill me). None. This seems to extend to Roberts as well, although not all the time. I think I once met a nice Robert. The Robbys I know at school just annoy and repulse me and I wish they'd fall off the face of the planet. Sam's friend Robby is a bit of an arse and he nicknamed me "Moleman", something I did not appreciate. And my stepbrother ... what the hell is his problem? I barely hear a word out of him, he never greets you when you rock up home, I feel incredibly uncomfortable around him, most of the time you don't know if he's home or not ... really, I'm now your stepbrother, I live in your house, so what's so fucking wrong with taking a bit of effort to know who I am? I can understand being shy because I am, I can understand being a man of few words because I know people like that and like them perfectly fine, but I fucking live with you so is it too much to ask to actually get to know me and let me get to know you?

Eh, anyway. Rugby World Cup's well and truly over. Sob. I was rather enjoying it, even if NZ lost the semi. Heh, John Mitchell (the coach) is going to get well and truly fired. I'd hate to be an All Blacks coach - you can have a perfect record before a Cup tournament, but if you do not win the World Cup, then you're out of a job. It's happened to every coach who's coached an All Blacks team that failed to win a World Cup.

Damn Maths C study. Too much to know. Can't afford to bomb on this exam, though.

Mathematical induction: Prove for n=1, assume true for n=k, prove for n=k+1 ...

That's the least of my worries. I keep on forgetting different rules for stuff on the complex plane. But at least i is easy to work with, though I find Pi to be a bit of a hassle at times (knowing it to 330 decimal places doesn't necessary mean one is proficient at using it in exercises). Speaking of my Pi feat, I was randomly flicking through last year's yearbook when I found a mistake. Instead of saying I recited Pi to 330, they said I only did it to 280. Grr. On the day it was verified to 330. But oh well. It's not like it's critically important and the world's going to end if the error isn't rectified.

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