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My computer has this thing with freezing at really stupid moments. For example, it'll freeze when I'm downloading a song, or just when someone's saying goodbye (as happened when Lauren said that earlier), or when I've nearly finished a journal entry. Blasted thing.

Storm's rolling in. Storm season's definitely upon us: we've had three storms in the last three days. Nothing major, though. I wonder how bad the storms get here ... our old house always got missed by the most vicious storms. Considering my judgement of how the storms come in, here should be the same, which is good indeed. So instead of dealing with collapsing trees and fallen power lines, we get to sit on the balcony and watch the light(ning) show.

For some reason, the word 'Zooropa' is stuck in my head and won't go away. I feel like scrawling it on ... things.

Three German exams today. I was as sick as anything at the start of today and it's a wonder I didn't collapse before or after my speaking exam, which went remarkably well considering. Reading was overall easy, although a couple of the questions got me a bit stuck, and writing ... I expected it to be the hardest, but out of the four, it was probably the easiest.

Wow, it's hailing. Can we have some snow? I know it's 25C+, but still, can we have some?

Got my Maths B exam results back today. One word: ouch. I got 63% on my knowledge exam (2% below a B-, hence a crushing C+), which would be 24 out of 38 I think. And got C, B, A, A, C for modelling and problem solving. That hurts. An A- is bad enough. I'm Andre. I don't get results like that. How the hell have I fallen so badly?

If this storm blows over and doesn't get seriously intense, we should be going to put a deposit on my new computer. Squeeness.
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