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So ...

Sam came round today. That was very fun. He checked out my Lego ... I'm going to get him to buy it off me for some sum of money plus some quality U2 boots (he'd never be able to pay a proper full price, so U2 boots will do just fine). I'm thinking something from the Zoo and Unforgettable Fire eras, plus I'd like the one from the Riverboat President show - I have Stories For Boys and 11 O'clock Tick Tock from that, and would like the complete show. And I would LOVE the 7 December 1981 show from Dooley's, East Lansing, Michigan (isn't that where you live, Tasha?) - they actually repeated the encore and over the course of the entire show, played Gloria and I Will Follow THREE times and 11 O'clock Tick Tock twice. What a show that would've been, but the odds of there being any recording at all of it are remarkably slim.

1981-12-07: Dooley's, East Lansing - Michigan

Setlist: Gloria
Another Time, Another Place
I Threw A Brick Through A Window
A Day Without Me
An Cat Dubh
Into The Heart
With A Shout
The Cry
The Electric Co.
I Fall Down
Stories For Boys
I Will Follow
Out of Control

11 O'Clock Tick Tock
The Ocean
I Will Follow
11 O'Clock Tick Tock
I Will Follow
(Thanks to

We watched one of my Billy Connolly tapes. Billy Connolly = comedic god. I love his humour. All of you who are not familiar with him should feel bad.

Oh my, School Patrick is such a moron. Allow me to summarise Pat: a perverted stalker who has this thing with getting obsessed with a particular girl or girls and also seems to love pain and rejection. No girl in her right mind would ever consider going out with him. So what does he do? He found out where Shannon, possibly the nicest and best-looking girl in my entire school, works, headed down there with the express reason of 1. doing his stalking thing, and 2. asking her to a movie. I couldn't believe it. I burst out laughing when I found out. She gave him a false number, hee. I can't believe it. No girl's going to go out with him, let alone the "best" girl in the grade. Especially when she's already got a boyfriend. Pat's an idiot.

The holidays look like they're going to be ... laughable, or at least one day. Burns has an online girlfriend, Rhiana. She's coming up from Victoria to meet him. Yes, they have NEVER met. That's sad enough in itself (and if anyone dares to bring up Liza ... oh, you better prepare for a verbal onsault because I'm sick of people reminding me of that act of utter stupidity). As me and Sam were joking today, the fact she's Burns's girlfriend says enough in itself (which is probably really cruel of us but we happen to know Burns well). Now one day, they're going to go to the movies and we're going to come along. I'm going to go to Sam's first so that we go together and thus can make a quick getaway if needs be, and now he's saying he wants to bring Lauren A with him. At first I thought this would be a good thing, because then us three would outnumber Burns and Rhiana, but now that I think about it, it'd be a bit difficult for me because you have Burns and Rhiana, Sam and Lauren, and Andre and ... no-one. How fun. But Sam's a good enough friend that it shouldn't be too bad ... although when he gets around girls he likes, sometimes other people might as well not exist, so ...

Ugh. THREE German exams tomorrow. THREE. Speaking, reading, then writing.

Ja, wir haben ein Christbaum, und wir schmucken es mit Kugeln, Sternen, und Engeln. Meine Mutti macht ein Adventskranz, mein Vater und ich shicken Weihnachtskarten, und wir alles backen Weihnachtsgeback und kaufen Geschenke. In der Weihnachtszeit, es ist Sommer, und es gibt keine Schnee. Letztes Jahr es war vierzig Grad, aber es ist nicht alles das heiss. Wir gehen in die Kirche am Heiligabend, und ich stehe um acht Uhr auf am ersten Weihnachtstag. Wir haben eine sehr lange Mittagsessen bei Verwandtung, und wir essen traditioneleis Weichnachtsessen - Truthahn, Schinken, Plumpudding, und so wieder ...

Alright, so some of that's probably wrong and I'm missing umlauts and the ... double 's' thing, but that's because I don't know how to type it. With some stuff being wrong, that's kind of OK, because that's for my speaking exam and they mark errors much more leniently on speaking than on anything else, because when you're speaking, you don't have the time to sit there and analyse everything. You can accidentally say 'im' instead of 'in' or get words around the wrong way (to an extent) and not suffer much.

Woo, Sam says he may pay me $50 (plus boots) for my Lego. That'll go to Andre's U2 Tour Fund. Knowing him, he'll try to bargain me down, but I'll try to stick firm. Then again, he is a good friend and I like to give friend discounts. Then again again, I'm already charging him less than I would anyone else.

Name:: Andre.
Birthdate:: 17 January. Send me U2 bootlegs.
Current City of Residence:: Bullion Shores. (Let's see if anyone gets that ...)

Color:: There is no such thing as a 'color'. Learn to spell.
Beverage:: Soft drink mixes.
Movie:: The Great Escape.
Musical:: I don't like musicals much. Jesus Christ Superstar was good, though.
Board Game:: Monopoly or Risk or chess.
Computer Game:: Varies, although I honestly cannot remember the last time I played a computer game. The Sims and the SimCity series are grand, as are rugby and car racing games.
Animal:: Penguins!
Sport:: RUGBY UNION! The Game They Play In Heaven.
Book:: Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy trilogy of five by Douglas Adams.

A Day In The Life
School:: tends to be tedious and boring.
Typical Mood:: is randomised and seems to be determined by complex sequences of apparently completely irrational events that I rarely give a damn about.
Usually Found?:: in front of the computer, online, with U2 (generally a boot) playing.
Collects:: Anything related to U2, particularly live copies of 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Gloria, and Bad.

Have You Ever
Been kissed:: Nope.
Done drugs:: Hell no.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Never eaten an Oreo full stop.
Eaten sushi:: No.
Been on stage:: Naturally.
Been in a car accident:: Thank God no.

This or That
Cold or Hot:: COLD.
Blue or Red:: Blue.
Rain or Snow:: Tough choice.
Wool or Cotton:: Cotton.
Private or Public School:: I shall not give my opinion on those of you who say 'public' apart from this: I shall be laughing and I scoff loudly in your general direction.
Chocolate or Plain Milk:: Neither. Milk is ick.
Celsius or Fahrenheit:: See private or public school question, just replace 'public' with 'fahrenheit'.
Spring or Fall:: Falls don't tend to be fun - I'd much rather spring along. (Really, why do you Americans call autumn 'fall'? It sounds so stupid. Is the 'n' in 'autumn' too hard for you to remember or something?)
Science or History:: History.
Math or English:: Depends.

"Love Life"
Do you like somebody?:: Yes, like most people, I like my friends. What this has to do with my love life, I don't know.
Do they know?:: My friends tend to know how I feel about them. Again, what the Zooropa does this have to do with my non-existent love life?

Who do you e-mail the most?:: LiveJournal, in response to comments. Bwah!
Who do you IM the most?:: Lauren.
Who are you talking to now?:: Myself.
Are you currently in love?:: No, I'm in my chair.
Is this survey lame?:: It's amusing.

In 24 hours have you...
Showered?:: No. Should later.
Had a serious talk?:: Strangely enough, no.
Hugged someone?:: Hm ... probably my Mum.
Gotten along with your parents?:: Yes.
Fought with a friend?:: No.
Done something kind for someone?:: Uh ...

Do You Like To...
Give hugs?:: Yes.
Give back rubs?:: I don't believe I have ever gived or received one. People actually just randomly give these out?
Take walks in the rain?:: No. I take very looooong, sloooooow walks in the rain.
Cook?:: When I actually DO it, yes, but usually I feel I have better things to do so I don't get around to doing it.
Eat?:: Yeah, sometimes.
Sleep?:: Yes, but often I feel like I could be doing something more productive, like listening to U2, reading, or writing. I wake up and think "Well there goes another nine hours and what did I do? Not a lot. I need to do something. Pointless." Which is ironic, because instead of doing something pointless like lying on a bed doing bugger all, I sit at a computer doing bugger all.

Knows you the best?:: Hopefully myself.
Have you known the longest?:: Mum. She gave birth to me, so that's kind of a given.
Do you know the most about?:: Myself.
Do you consider your friend?:: Sam, Lauren, Jamie, Aaron, and other people I hope don't feel rejected.
Is most likely to end up in jail?:: IJ. I once made a bet he'll be dead by the time he's thirty. Morbid? Yes. Will I win? Most likely.
Can you go to with your problems?:: Lauren, Sam. In that order.
Do you want to get to know better?:: People. My new family ... or maybe not.
Do you spend the most time with?:: Bono. Well, I hear his voice a lot.

Have You...
Been to a concert?:: Does listening to my bootlegs or U2 videos very loud count?
Loved someone so much it made you cry?:: Uh ... this happens to people? What the Popmart?
Cheated on a test?:: Haha, I CAN'T. I couldn't cheat off another test if it was right friggin' beside me. I'd need to lean over and it'd be so bloody obvious I'm reading (re: trying to read) it it's not funny.
Ever stalked someone?:: Dogs and cockroaches, the former in a playful manner, the latter to kill them.
Done something you regret?:: Most likely.
Been in an online relationship?:: Regrettably.

Random Questions
Single or Hooked?:: Single, as per usual. I'm a loser.
What is your worst habit?:: My U2 obsession.
Scariest moment?:: Um ...
Do you swear too much?:: No.
How do you feel about homosexuality?:: Sinful, as per Romans 1:26-27. It's also rather disgusting.
Where are you right now?:: Here.
Are you sitting by anyone?:: An empty chair.
What song are you listening to?:: I Threw A Brick (13/12/81) by U2.
What is the last thing you said?:: Um ... "'Night." I think.
What's on your mousepad?:: I don't have a mousepad. How does THAT strike you?
What are the last four digits of your phone number?:: Zooropa.
What was the last thing you ate?:: A gummi snake. Mmmm.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?:: Gelb.
How many buddies do you have on your list?:: Lots. Many of which are never on. Lazy folk.
What's the weather like right now?:: Night-time. Nice.
What do you feel like doing?:: Something. This, because I was doing it but my stupid computer FROZE when I was nearly done.
What is your favorite quote?:: "We thought that we had the answers/It was the questions we had wrong" - U2, 11 O'clock Tick Tock

current clothing: Red shirt, green shorts.
current mood: Bland.
current taste: Nothing much.
current hair: Current hair? What the hell? I don't swap hair. I don't buy new hair. The hair I have now is very much the hair I've always had. Well it probably isn't, because all my original hairs have probably long fallen out, but you get what I mean.
current annoyance: My U2 CD needs to be louder. I don't know The Edge, Bono, or Eve.
current smell: Not much. Tends to get like that when you have a blocked nose.
current thing you ought to be doing: Study. Having a shower. But no.
current jewelry: I'm a GUY. The closest I come to that is with my glasses and watch.
current book: Multiple ones.
current refreshment: I need a glass of lemonade.
current worry: Exams.
current crush: I'm not currently crushing anyone. Don't assume I'm a violent, sick, homocidal maniac like yourself. Sheesh.
current favorite celebrity: Paul 'Bono Vox' Hewson, David 'The Edge' Evans, Memphis Eve Hewson.
current longing: Many, many things.
current music: U2.
current wish: For many, many things.
current lyric in your head: Most of Zooropa and the "Boom-cha!"s of Discotheque.
current makeup (if you're a girl!):
current regret: ...
current desktop picture: Bono and Edge at the Grammy's receiving an award. Hee.
current plans for tonight/weekend: Sleep. Study. Not in that order.
current disappointment: Many, many things.
current amusement: Lauren's answer to this question.
current IM/person you're talking to: No-one.
current love: Memphis Eve Hewson.
current obsession: U2, as always.
current avoidance: God. Which is bad. I nearly wasn't going to put that, but it's the first answer and it came straight from deep inside and me and to deny it would've been just to suppress the truth.
current thing or things on your wall: Posters and pictures that Alan had in here when this was a pool room, before it became my room. I need U2 posters.
current favorite book: I've already answered this.
current favorite movie: ... and this ...

What makes you laugh?: Many, many things. Billy Connolly. Bono when he sings "A man takes a wocketship into the sky" (Boston, 06/06/01). Fawlty Towers. "This, Basil's wife. This, Basil. This, smack on head."
Who is your hero?: Mister MacPhisto.
Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?: Um ...
How many pairs of shoes do you own?: Two. One pair for school, because we must wear formal black shoes, one pair for other times. I also have a pair of sandals I used to wear all the time but don't wear any more and are probably too small for me.
Who do blame for your mood today?: No-one.
Have you ever seen a dead body?: On TV. On the cover of Time.
Have you ever broken a bone?: Hairline fracture, yes.
Do you watch local news? Why?: No, because it's so dead boring. The only news really worth it is the news on SBS because it actually focuses on real world events and doesn't seem to just focus on what's happening in Australia or specifically Brisbane or the Gold Coast.
What happens after you die?: Judgement.
How big is your bed? King single. I used to want a bigger bed, then I decided that'd be thoroughly pointless.
How long do you think you will live?: I actually don't think I want to live to be very old.

What time do you get up?: School days? 6:40-7. Other days? That can really depend. 9 is a good time. So is 10.
How do you get to school?: Mum drives me there.
If you knew you were dying tomorrow, who would you say your goodbyes to 1st: Someone.
Easiest class?: Geography.
What month is your birthday?: January.
How old were you when you got your first kiss?: Older than 16 unless something very strange and unexpected happens in the next ... roughly 60 days.
How old were you when you started high school?: 13. What other age would I be?
Are you hooked on the internet?: That's an understatement if there ever was one.
Do you like going to school?: Usually.
Are you a morning person?: No. But that's not to say I'm bad in the morning. I'm just a ... person. The time's entirely irrelevant.
When's the last time you had a b/f or g/f?: Praytell, what is a b/f and a g/f? Algebraic expressions, perhaps? I had those on an exam.
Do you play any instruments?: Yes.
If so, what?: Electric guitar. I can also play drums. They're so frickin' easy I don't know why anyone would need lessons.
What's your favorite season?: Winter.
What's the name of your best friend?: Sam.
Rather be too hot or too cold?: Too cold.
Cats or dogs?: Cats.
How many blankets do you sleep with?: Haha! Actually, I do have a Leeds United blanket. It's nice. It just lies at the end of my bed and looks good and unused.
What are your parents' names?: "tammy and doug" - Lauren. OH MY ZOOROPA. My Dad's Doug. Douglas, to be precise. Mother's Sharon.
Do you have a crush?: How can one have a crush? I can be crushing someone/thing, but I can't have that, can I?
How long have you had a crush on this person?: You must be some weird homocidal maniac who needs to be locked up. You slowly crush people? How sick.
Do you practice a religion?: I don't get why they call it 'practicing' ...
If you saw Britney Spears somewhere, what would you do?: Kill her. Or at least maim her.
If you saw Pres. Bush somewhere, what would you do?: Shake his hand and tell him he's doing a wonderful job. And mean it.
Do you have a secret you've never told anyone?: Most likely.
Do you have a secret you've only told one or two people?: Again, most likely.
Who do you trust to keep your most important secrets?: Sam or Lauren.
Do you tell your parents everything?: Hell no.
Do you think your parents are nice people at heart?: Mum: YES. Dad: Uh ... not so sure on that count. I guess so.
Do you have a relative that you really do not get along with?: Probably.

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