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Stuff that makes me laugh

Those stupid pop-up "You have won a prize!" advertisements. That's such crap. They piss me right off, especially when the reputed prize is something I actually want, like a digital camera or a DVD player. I don't see how something can be a free gift when you have to BUY something first, or when you have to go through a pile of crap to try to get it and then end up not getting it. So now whenever I get those stupid pop-ups I just laugh.

Next, people who hate U2. Every single person I've met who hates U2 has never provided me with a decent reason why, and they make me laugh because of that.
Me: Do you like U2?
Person: I HATE those stupid Irishmen.
Me: Why?
Person: Because they're CRAP!
Me: And how are they crap?
*Person changes the subject*
Always happens that way, and I find it quite funny. If you're going to hate something, at least have some sort of a reason.

That leads me to something else that makes me laugh: people who think they're right because they say so. They go into debates, say "I think this is right and those who disagree are heretics" and actually expect people to agree with them! It's hilarious. Then they get offended when ask to defend their position and call those people asking for evidence "heretics", and that's even funnier. I'll always remember the amillennialism debate I had on the End Times forum of the LBMB when a whole bunch of people such as Y'Israel posted that amillennialism was a heresy and to be avoided, but when I demanded evidence, NOT ONE OF THEM replied! Ah, funny stuff.

Something else that amuses me is the debate over what the Latin in the chorus of 'Gloria' by U2 means. It goes 'Gloria/In te domine/Gloria/Exultate', and I simply subscribe to the very basic translation that quite a few people accept, of 'Glory/In the highest/Glory/Rejoice', but there seems to be heaps of debate amongst U2 fans. I find it quite humorous really, that these people are getting heated up over a simple translation. Incidentally, the Under A Blood Red Sky CD and video version of 'Gloria' is my favourite song. Although 'Bad' or 'The Electric Co. (UABRS CD version)' may soon replace it.

Finally, that crazy kid next door makes me laugh. He's just insane. I never knew one kid could jump about in their room for so long and not get tired, but he does! Insanity, I say.

Well, there's some random stuff from the world of Andre for you ...

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