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Woo, Sam's coming around today. Sam coming round = lots of games of pool. Sam coming round = he gets to evaluate my Lego and give me a price he's willing to pay for it. Hopefully this price will include U2 bootlegs he'll download and burn onto CD for me.

German study's coming along OK ...

In den Ferien, bin ich in die tschechische Republik gefahren. Ich bin mit der Bahn gefahren, weil ich Zuge mag, und ich mag sie lieber als Autos und Flugzeuge. Ich hasse Autos, weil sie die Luft mit Abgasen verpesten, und ich hasse Flugzeuge, weil ich Luftkrankheit habe. Die Reise war bequem und sehr schnell ...

Need to study some Maths C today. Hopefully Sam will be open to that suggestion.

I need to watch Slane again. NEED. But the DVD player's not in my room ... when are we going to hurry up and get the new computer? Mum's said "this week" for the last couple of weeks ... though I think she's serious this time. Better be.
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