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Rugby at its finest

The World Cup final was one of the greatest games ever. Would've been THE greatest had NZ been playing. But before that, an apology. Sorry Lauren and Alli about going so randomly earlier today, but my crappy Internet decided to drop out. I'm getting quite sick of it. It runs slowly just to mock me, it randomly cuts out before I'm supposed to be timed out, and worst of all, I feel bad about hogging the phone line. When it was just me and Mum, Mum didn't mind, but ... now that there's Robby and James, I really don't want to hog it and there's probably heaps of people trying to call but unable to get through, and Robby doesn't have a mobile (to my knowledge ... wait, he might have my old one), and James had his taken off him because he ran up massive bills. So yes, anyhow, my apologies to Lauren and Alli, but I was going to get off soon anyhow and I needed to free the line up. And do German study, but in the end I worked on my story instead. However, I did do some study during the rugby and shall do more later.

Oh the rugby! THE RUGBY! WOW. Australia scored first, but England hit back quickly, firstly through the awe-inspiring boot of Jonny Wilkinson, and then with a try right on half time. Brilliantly executed try, I might add. So the score at the break was 14-5. But then the unthinkable happened. Australia managed to slot over three penalties in the second half while keeping England scoreless, and the scores were levelled, and the full time whistle went with the scoreboard reading 14-14. Thus, they went into extra time: two halves, each of ten minutes, NOT sudden death. In the first minute, Wilkinson put over a kick to take England up to 17-14, but of course, not being sudden death, the game kept going. The score didn't change before the interval, but with only a few minutes left in the second block of ten, the Australians got a penalty kick ... Elton Flatley kicked ... and it went over. 17-17, with only a few minutes to spare.

Then it got tense. The Australians kept going and going, and it looked like the ultimate atrocity was going to happen and the weaker team that never should've been there in the first time was going to score a try. But the English got the ball, got it out of their half, into Australia's, approached the goalposts ...
... with seconds to spare, Tindall tried to break for a try while Wilkinson moved back into position for a drop goal ...
... Tindall was brought down but he offloaded to his captain, who drove forward a few more metres, forcing the Australians to move further backwards and sucking in defenders, leaving Jonny Wilkinson a good distance back, well away from any defenders, perfectly lined up in front of goal ...
... the ball came out of the tackle and was passed back to Wilkinson, so completely in the clear ...
... he kicked ...
... the ball soared towards the posts ...
... and it went through with barely five seconds on the clock! It was the most bloody incredible drop goal EVER! There was time for the restart, and a few seconds was played, then the English simply grabbed the ball, kicked it into touch, and the referee blew full time. Australia 17, England 20! I could barely contain my excitement.


I'm thrilled because 1. it was a bloody incredible game of rugby that defined what the game's all about and all of you who missed it should feel wretched and terrible, but most importantly 2. AUSTRALIA LOST! I'm not thrilled because England won, I'm thrilled because AUSTRALIA LOST. As a piece of rugby trivia, this is the first time a team from the Northern Hemisphere has ever won the World Cup.

More trivia - World Cup final results (with scorelines if I can remember them);
1987 - New Zealand 29, France 9
1991 - Australia defeated England (19-14, I think)
1995 - South Africa 15, New Zealand 12 (this was a crime. NZ should've won)
1999 - Australia defeated France
2003 - England 20, Australia 17
New Zealand remains the best performed team at the Rugby World Cup, and is still untouchable as the best team ever. The statistics for games won and lost this year: England lost NONE, New Zealand lost two (once to England, once to Australia), Australia lost four (twice each to England and NZ).

Now go New Zealand for World Cup 2007! My desired 2007 grand final is New Zealand versus Wales, but it'll most likely be New Zealand versus England. South Africa's severely dropping off, I have a feeling Australia's going to, the French are on the rise, Ireland's going to drop a bit, Scotland's suffered a severe falling-off, the Argentines can only improve, same goes for Samoa and Fiji, England has reached a level they haven't been at for ages, Wales might just be returning to their past glory ... and New Zealand shall remain the team that all others aspire to be like and beat. We are the best. There is no better rugby playing nation in the world. Winning 3 games out of every 4 is no mean feat after 100 years.

--- 11:26pm ---

What Song…

Fits your life as it is currently the most?: Hmmm ... Mofo by U2.
Reminds you to be grateful for the little things?: Scarlet by U2. Although that's pushing it. I don't really have anything like that.
Makes you wanna get up and dance?: Discotheque by U2, particularly the Sarajevo version. "Boom-cha! Boom-cha! Discotheque! Boom-cha! Boom! Boom! This ain't no disco, this ain't no party, this ain't no fooling around. No CBGB, no heebie jeebies, I ain't got time for that now. This ain't no disco, this ain't no party, this ain't no fooling around. No CBGB, no heebie jeebies, I ain't got time for that now. Come on, come on, come on, boom! Boom-cha! Boom-cha! Discotheque! Take your partner by the hand. It's not hard to understand. She's a woman and you're a man. Take your partner by the hand ..."
Makes you reach for a box of Kleenex?: Walk On and Kite from Slane Castle, 1 September 2001.
Reminds you of something you've lost?: Hmmm ... Walk On.
Is the one you secretly like but would NEVER admit?: If I would NEVER admit it, I'm NEVER admitting it. Hence, no admission shall be given here. This question is self-defeating.
Reminds you of your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend?: I have none currently.
Is the most depressing?: I don't find songs depressing.
Can put you in a horribly depressing mood?: See above.
Can put you in a hyperily happy mood?: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, a few by U2, and anything new live by U2.
Causes your imagination to soar?: So much by U2. Where The Streets Have No Name, New Year's Day, Beautiful Day ... oh, I could go on and on. U2's songs move me ... everywhere.
Makes you want things you can never have?: Um ... maybe Hawkmoon 269 by U2.
Is your all-time favourite?: 11 O'clock Tick Tock (5 June 1983) by U2. That's just ... WOAH.
Makes you calm and rather content?: Walk On and Gloria by U2.
Has personal meaning to you?: Can I say everything by U2? Particularly Mofo, Wake Up Dead Man, and Tomorrow.

What's a weird fear you have that no one else probably does?: A phobia of stickers, particularly apple and other fruit stickers.
Is Jon Stewart not great?: Who the Popmart is he?
What song are you listening to?: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (23/09/97) by U2.
How loud do you sneeze?: To prove I do excessively loud sneezes, I just did an excessively loud sneeze. I have a reputation for sneezes. I've knocked myself off my feet a few times with them.
Do you like your handwriting?: When I get it right, it's OK. I prefer my wonderfully neat printing.
Ugliest color you've ever seen?: Pink. All shades, but notably hot pink. And the colour of puke.
Does having matching socks matter to you? Ha, not really, because I only have white socks (non-school) and black socks (for school), although some of my black socks are slightly different and I like them to be with their appropriate partner. I used to love to wear odd socks to primary school in NZ, but I got out of that phase.
If you were in band, what would you call it?: U2 Is The Greatest. No, no, Chemically Bum. Or ... I had a really good name a few days ago and lost it.
Last time you were on a plane?: When was it I last flew to NZ? Easter this year, that's right.
Have a digital camera?: No but I have plenty of people to borrow one off.
How big is your TV?: The working TV in my room: nice and big-ish, the not-working TV in my room: decent enough, the TV in the lounge: bloody fantastic!
Have you ever heard of Mystery Science Theater 3000?: Mysterious Ways is about the closest you're going to get. Give it up for little Evie! (Only people who are familiar with Slane will get that)
How many pillows do you sleep with?: Currently two. Never less than two. I once slept with ... heaps. Now I'm going economical but I feel lonesome without my additional pillows and may get them back.
sXe... good or bad?: Sunday Xylophone Economics is wonderful, isn't it?
Most annoying commercial ever?: Oh, don't get me started.
Lamest pick-up line ever?: "Lucky me hasn’t heard very many of those." - Lauren. LuckIER me hasn't heard ANY of those.
Dumbest song ever?: Anything by any pop or rap artist should be slowly melted down to its elements and then had something entirely catastrophic done to it.
Worst way to die?: Not my way.
Who's the funniest comedian?: Billy Connolly is the comedian god.
Ever been in a car accident?: Thank God, no.
Ever had braces?: Not yet, but I fear the dentist will tell me to get them on my lower teeth. He/she can go away, because I'm not wasting my money on something that's entirely unnecessary.
Do you know HTML?: Yeah, some of it. I keep on forgetting bits.
What's the most useless class in school?: English, because we don't do what we should do. But this year was such fun with Tommo as our teacher.
Best Jones Soda flavor?: You're a moron. People do live outside the USA. Ever looked beyond your own borders?
Something you collect?: Anything related to U2 in any way, shape, or form, particularly bootlegs and live recordings of 11 O'clock Tick Tock, Bad, and Gloria.
Something you're allergic to?: I'd prefer not to say.
Something you wish would die?: Pop and rap musicians, pop and rap songs, pop shows, pop and rap culture, pop and rap stars, anything related to shitty pop and rap music.

(This hatred of rap is not applicable to the following: Linkin Park, Numb by U2)

And if anyone dares to tell me U2 is pop, I will slowly roast you over an open fire with an apple stuck in your mouth.
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