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Bored. So very bored. This better not be a sign of the upcoming holidays.

Why is no-one on? I'm just about to go mad from the boredom. Lauren, where've you got to? I do hope I didn't offend you yesterday. I really need to learn that it pisses me off when people rant against U2, and that works the other way too, so I shouldn't rant against stuff other people like.

At this rate, with nothing much to do, I'm going to be driven to German study. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just 1. I was going to do it later, and 2. it's even more boring.

--- 1:37pm ---

I need photos of Bono from the Mullet Years. I have a few, but they're not overly fantastic.

--- 2:49pm ---

England versus Australia in the World Cup final tonight. I'm going for the Poms, and I think they should win, but I wish both teams would vanish into a hole in the earth and thus the Cup would go to NZ by default. On Thursday night we beat France 40-13. w00t! I guess we'll have to live with third.

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