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SLANE. S-L-A-N-E. Slaneslaneslaneslane.

Oh. My. Elevation.

Oh. My. Oh wow. Oh wow oh wow oh wow. ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!...

Yes, coherent comments might help. This afternoon = BLOODY AMAZING!

So we decided to head to one of the JB Hi-Fis on the Gold Coast this afternoon to check out what they had, and Mum said she'd buy me something as a reward for my awards. I was thinking "Alright, cool, but are they going to have what I want?" We arrive there, walk in, I discover the prices are insanely cheap, and then ... then I found it. U2 Go Home: Slane Castle 2001. I FOUND IT. FIVE DOLLARS CHEAPER THAN I EVER THOUGHT I'D FIND IT FOR. And so I bought it, and was thrilled, but I knew I'd have to wait a week at least to watch it.

Or so I thought.

We then proceeded to head to another shop, and there ... there we found and bought a DVD player for AUS$68, which I found simply astonishing. I was just ... wowwowish. So we got home, got the DVD player set up ... and then I watched Slane.

AND IT IS MAGNIFICENT. It is BRILLIANCE. AMAZING. Slane! I thought the few tracks I recorded off TV were good, but this - oh my, it's just absolutely incredible. I LOVE Kite, Out Of Control, New Year's Day, Mysterious Ways, Where The Streets Have No Name - I LOVE ALL OF IT! It's like ... the BEST. I couldn't have wished to have gotten a better first DVD. It's just mindblowingly good stuff. EVERYONE, GET IT. Ohmyohmyohmyohmy. I wish I was there. There's so much great stuff on it that I don't know where to begin. To compare it to the Boston DVD/video from the same tour, everything at Slane is better apart from the mock fight between Edge and Bono at the end of Until The End Of The World.

And Mysterious Ways! Damn that song rocks. And Bono's daughter is a pretty good dancer, not to mention cute. Nice to know my future wife can dance and isn't afraid of getting up in front of crowds. (For those who've forgotten, there's one joke that the perfect wife for me is someone closely related to U2, of a similar age to me, and able to withstand my U2 obsession - hence Bono's daughter Eve. Alright, she's 14 and I'm 16, but that's insignificant)

And The Unforgettable Fire Documentary! That's a really interesting thing to watch, and BONO'S HAIR IS HILARIOUS! Someone should've given him a haircut. Wow. I loved it.

U2 Go Home: Slane Castle 2001 = the must have DVD of 2003.
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