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A defiance of tradition and an ethical dilemma

"Academic Award and Senior Debating Award, Andre Withoutalastname."

Ah, eight very lovely words. I'm quite proud of myself. I'm also a bit of a tradition defier. Although in theory Junior awards can go to anyone in grades 8-10 and Senior awards to anyone in grades 11-12, in practice Junior awards always go to grade 10s and Senior awards always go to grade 12s. I am under the impression this is the first time they have ever given the Senior Debating Award to a grade 11. Woo, I like this. Only problem is that it boosts my debating ego. But oh well.

Now, next year. Target: Dux, First in Geography, English, SOR, Modern History, Maths B, Maths C, Senior Debating Award, Senior Public Speaking Award. The possibility of that? Dux is very much a possibility, I basically have Geography in the bag, Modern History should be mine, and SOR and English are a chance. The Senior Debating Award's mine (wow, that would be cool to be the first to ever win that two years in a row), and the Senior Public Speaking Award is a possibility. I'd really have to pull off something special and beat some really stiff competition to win Maths B and C. I also need to stop procrastinating, something I'm finally motivated to do.

This is good I have some goals to achieve, too. Goals stop me procrastinating. They really do.

Eyesight test went well this afternoon. My eyesight hasn't deteriorated - turns out my condition's quite steady and will stay this way for the rest of my life (oh yay, I won't go blind! Woohoo, I really did need that fear put to rest) - but I'm getting a slight modification to my prescription. Turns out I'm right in between the level of sight required to drive and legal blindness (I'm 6/24, I think), so I can't drive and I can't get any assistance from the government. Damn. ALTHOUGH. There is an 'although'. Apparently over in the USA, in some states, people with my eyesight can get small telescopes attached to their lenses, and after taking a special course, can actually get a license and this has been working successfully for a number of years. There's a movement getting started in Australia to legalise this here, but it's struck opposition and needs a charismatic leader who'll get things done. This excites me. Being able to drive would be grand.

Although - here's the ethical dilemma - I could actually get a license now, if I was prepared to lie. They don't actually make you sit the eyesight test any more. They give you a written exam and an oral exam, but there is no sight test. You simply have to sign a form declaring you have adequate sight to be able to drive. Now I could go and do that. I could go and sign that form and be given a license. I know my limits and I would rarely drive (I think I'm too afraid to, anyway, because heavy traffic scares the crap out of me - too much to see at once), but I could get a license. Only thing is, I'd have to lie. A license would be a good thing to have, but should I lie on a legal document? I really don't think so ... but on the same hand, I don't know really what to do.

I just wish they'd legalise the telescopes.

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If you believe the word 'fuck' is sinful in every single context, then you (I do not mean this offensively) are a moron. Buy a dictionary and flick to the 'f' section. Thank you.

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