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Of awards and little else

Got a rather ironic forward today, relating to some commission in America approving the use of 'fuck' on TV. Ironic, because this whole fiasco stems from Bono saying "This is really, really fucking brilliant" at one awards show. And I really don't have a problem with 'fuck' being said on TV. It's just a WORD, people. Get over it. Now maybe it's inappropriate during the hours deemed for children's viewing, but then again, there's rarely a child who's not familiar with the word. My Dad said it often enough (though not prolifically or anything like that), and it didn't have an adverse reaction on me. It's just a WORD. The only time it ever causes any harm is when people make an unnecessary, irrelevant, stupid fuss over it. Oh, and when you LET it cause harm. Say it to a little kid who's not old enough to grasp the idea of swear words and then say 'land', and they won't notice the difference or react any differently.

Had the practice for Presentation Night this morning. That went well, and I'm winning a multiple award of some sort. You can always tell roughly what you're winning by where you are in the order. Last is always Dux, then there's multiple awards, and then there's the rest like academic and effort and sport. You can tell what's which by who's where. I'm behind all the academic people, so I have to be getting a multiple award. If it was just an academic award, I'd be right at the head of that part because of my last name - I'm nearly the only academic person in my grade whose last name begins with something not in the last ten letters of the alphabet.

What annoys me is that when I won Dux, I won it on the two years you don't get money, whereas in ten, eleven, and twelve, they get some money. Trust my luck. Ah well, at least I'm still beating Chantelle. I'm grade eight and nine Dux, and won multiple awards two years in a row (unless we're all making some severe mistake with our guesses of who's got what), while she only got academic awards in eight and nine. Hee, go me. Now I just need to get the Dux back next year.

I'm actually going to try next year. Really, I am. I do mean this when I say I'm going to stop procrastinating. I want to walk out of high school with the grade twelve Dux in my hand. Am I doing this for my own glory? Am I doing this to feel good and better myself, make myself better than everyone else? Of course, because I have an ego to feed. Is this wrong? Probably is. But as long as I'm motivated to break my shocking procrastination, I don't care.

The only interesting part of Presentation Night is the awards. Usually the giving out of awards on assembly or whatever is really boring, but it's the highlight of Presentation Night because the awards actually matter and it's fun to find out who got what, especially when they give out the grade twelve awards for top of the different subjects. The rest of the night can be quite boring. Sometimes the band or dance routines are good, but usually the band's not overly exciting and I can't see the dancers, and the speeches are so boring ... although it is fun to make guesses with everyone on how long they'll be and then time it. This year, I reckon the principal's speech will last eighteen minues. Last year I think he did seventeen, and I just have a feeling this year, it'll be longer.

Have an eyesight test this afternoon, which is good. I have a few questions to ask, and I really want to know if my sight's improved or not.

New Zealand versus France tonight in the World Cup third-place playoff. I have to go for NZ in this one. GO THE BLACKS!

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