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So I'm getting an award tomorrow night. Don't know what it is yet - most likely an Academic Award, and if they give the Senior Debating Award to grade 11s (although 11 and 12 are the senior year levels, some awards deemed "Senior" only go to grade 12s) then I've got that in the bag - so I guess I'll have to wait to find out tomorrow night.

Maths B knowledge and procedures exam = hell.
Maths B modelling and problem solving exam = hell.
I'd rather not talk about them. If I'm lucky, I'll get a B for the knowledge exam and (you get a mark for each question) C, B, B, A, D (an overall C) for problem solving. Ick, that's TERRIBLE. I feel ashamed. Maths B is definitely my worst subject, which is ironic because Maths C is (meant to be) HARDER. Oh well, I'll definitely drop Maths B for my OP. As a note of explanation, OP is the mark you get at the end of grade 12, it's required for university entrance, and you must do five subjects certified by the Board (real name is big and long and forgotten by me) to get one. If you do more than five, then only your best five are used to calculate your OP, and the remaining subject (rarely is it plural) is simply dropped from the calculation. Luckily for me, I do seven OP subjects (yep, one of the few people with a plural), so I get to drop two. This Maths B exam counted for OP and should drag down my overall Maths B end-of-school mark, so I'm pretty sure it'll end up cut at the end of next year ... don't know which will be the other to go. I'm still hopeful for an OP 1-5 (1 is the best, 25 is the worst).

German Listening - pretty easy, though I think I botched part of it. Hopefully an A. Thankfully that exam doesn't count for ANYTHING apart for my mark on my end of semester report, and that's irrelevant to ... everything. The exam doesn't count for OP (no German exams this year counted, only next year's ones do), and it's too late for it have any bearing on awards because they've already been decided. So really it was a pointless exam, along with the other three I'm going to do on Monday. Though I still want to do well, and so I'll study over the weekend. I know I need to. I also have Maths C next week, and unfortunately that DOES count for OP. I'll definitely be studying for that. I really don't want to do that exam. Anyone want to do it for me?

Ah ... today was pretty much a nothing day, really. Just three exams, two of which were crappy Maths B ones that stank like all hell.

I need my U2 fix for today. No, wait, maybe I should listen to some other music. That might be a really good idea. Yes, Pink Floyd will do quite nicely.

--- 5:36pm ---

I HATE it when people completely and utterly misinterpret words and twist them back at you. Grr. Especially when it's just to win sympathy.

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