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I'm harmless. Just ignore me.

Today, in a word, was GREAT, contrary to all of my expectations. Here was what I expected upon arriving at school;

8:30-11am - a lot of dead boring study.
11-12:40pm - a hard and boring SOR exam.
12:40-1:30 - 50 minutes of frantic Geography study.
1:30-3:15 - a hard and boring Geography exam.
End result: arriving home very exhausted, flopping down at the computer and complaining on LJ about how crap my day was.

It turned out to be nothing like that at all.

8:30-11am - began with some boring study in the library, but Jamie was there and we talked a bit more than we studied. Then it went funny. For some reason, I think in a bit of mock frustration at Jamie, I put my head down on my desk. I'd obviously made some loud comment as I did it, although I have no idea what I said. Jamie happened to have one of those plastic water bottles, and it was empty, and just as I lifted my head back up, he sprayed it at me and a whole lot of air hit my face, giving me quite a shock. I made some alarmed sound (surprise and I thought he was spraying me with water, which I find rather annoying) and leapt back, nearly rolling my chair over backwards in the process, before swinging forward again and nearly smacking my head onto the table. A group of grade nine girls were distracted by all this and turned to look, and Jamie said to me "You really need a sign on you that says 'I'm harmless, just ignore me'" and I think that's genius. So, everyone, I'm harmless, just ignore me.

Then Sam rocked up because he had an IT exam at 11, and at about 10:20 we left. Sam headed to the tuckshop while Jamie and I tracked down Johnno so that he could get something he needed and to show me his SOR assignment, that he handed in yesterday. So he got the stuff he needed and then we headed up to Johnno's office, the Belfry. When you enter it, you just think it's a cluttered office, but the longer you spend in there, the more you look around, the more things you spot. There's the clock that goes backwards, the collection of window cleaning spray bottles, random bats hanging down, a computer terminal has a spider web - the "World Wide Web" coming off it that has some strings stretching across the room, from which some old student work and documents hang (the principal said he wanted documents on the web, so Johnno took him literally), enlarged blue and red pills from The Matrix ... there's all kinds of crazy stuff. Jamie, Stuart (who was also seeing Johnno for something), and I spent about twenty minutes in there checking out all the crazy stuff and having Johnno point out things. It was hiliarious. Some of the really old photos of Johnno when he was fit and had a lot of hair are humorous.

So after all that, we headed off to our SOR exam, which, once I got going, proved to be easier than I expected. When I finished writing (it was an essay), I thought "Yeah, that's really good" ... but then I read over and wasn't so sure, so I'm not quite sure how well I'll do. I'd like an A. A B+ will do.

Lunch ... was interesting. Things were going nicely until we (being Sam, Jamie, Burns, and I) managed to bring up the thing of Sam and Lauren A. Sam got really pissed off, and seemed to be quite offended with the idea, and made it rather clear that he doesn't believe in sex outside marriage (why this had to involve him nearly choking me by pushing a ruler into my neck, I have no idea). Although he didn't seem to have much of an explanation for his comments of last week ... initially he tried to deny it, but he couldn't because I have a witness in Jamie. So yes. Things might be better there.

Or they might be worse. Every year on the Gold Coast, there is this festival called Schoolies, and it is SUPPOSED to be a week or two in which those who have finished high school go out and celebrate. It's really just an excuse for binge drinking, drunkenness, getting stoned, getting laid, 'dancing' (if you can even call it that) to crappy music, messing up Surfer's Paradise, making a nuisance of oneself, and generally being a real idiot and really debauch and immoral. I'm not going. I refuse to go. I'm not going to lower myself to that level, and I don't even want to be seen there. I have my morals, and I have much better things to do with my time. Obviously not Sam. He's going to rent out an apartment in the middle of Surfer's Paradise for seven days, and his friend Rob from NZ (whose morality is questionable at best) and some other friends (I think some are coming from NZ with Rob) are going to stay with him. According to Sam, he's going to "be social, have a life", I know exactly what Rob's goal will be, and ... really, I just think it's STUPID. Why waste seven days of your time in amongst the biggest festival of stupidity, sin, and time-wasting known to the Gold Coast? And why waste money on an apartment when you have a perfectly good house just ten minutes from Surfer's?

Stupid, stupid.

1:30-3:15 - the Geography exam proved to be insanely EASY. I know I got a couple of questions wrong, but I'm hopeful of an A ... I flew through it. I finished SOR 30 minutes early and Geography 40, and that would've been 50 minutes had I not slowed down near the end. Ahh, what a good day. Easy exams are delightful.

Maths B tomorrow won't be so easy. German probably won't be, either. Ick, do I have to go? Should do some quality study tonight, I suppose ...

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