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Tales of forbidden fruit, annoying assignments, mobile phones, and wrists

If blueberries were the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, I can definitely see why Adam and Eve ate it ... blueberries make for one good breakfast, especially when combined with raspberries and some really nice yoghurt Mum whacked on top of it. I never knew breakfast was worth eating on a non-school day until now.

This is thanks to DaveC at Interference. I found this tremendously amusing.

Come on now, you're obviously forgetting the real truth.

Bono first gained fame in 1977, playing rhythm guitar and singing backup vocals for Pink Floyd's In The Flesh Tour supporting the album Animals. He kept to the back of the stage, outside of the lights, so no-one could see him. Bono however, in his youthful age, kept cracking his voice trying to hit the high harmony notes in Dogs. Roger Waters' increased frustration with Bono's singing and frequent sour chords on the guitar led to Bono's ultimate dropping from the bill and replacement by the infinitely more visible Snowy White from Thin Lizzy. Bono harbored a grudge against Waters. He followed the band around, plotting his revenge. Finally, in Montreal, Canada on the 6th of July, 1977, the quarrel came to a head. Bono attempted to climb up the storm netting on the stage and muss up Roger's large, flowing hairdo. It was unsuccessful. Roger called Bono closer and closer, taunting him, until finally, Roger Waters spat in the face of Bono. This incident spawned the idea and conception for Pink Floyd's 2nd best-selling album, and one of the highest-selling of all time, The Wall. Bono's name was soon disassociated with this incident, and would forever be known only to his close associates as "the kid that Rog spat on at that concert in Montreal".

The Edge gained his popularity in the mid-60's as a lead guitarist for the Yardbirds, a band with a notoriety for not being able to keep guitarists. He only played for a brief period, nudged between Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, but however did write such deep philosophical songs as "I Wouldn't Do Anything for a Klondike Bar" and "These Tighty-Whities are Itchy".

Adam was gaining fame in the early 70's as the original bass guitarist for AC/DC. This is where he got the idea for his costume for the Dalton Brothers, as he wore his hair long and fruity and had big glasses. When he met the other members of U2, he had himself secretly cloned, updated the clone with a few cosmetic surgeries, renamed the clone Cliff Williams, and AC/DC hit it big while U2 began. Adam grew his hair into an afro to fool the public, and Adam/Cliff continues to play in both bands to this current day.

Larry began his career as the little-known cowbell player on Blue Oyster Cult's hit track "Don't Fear the Reaper". He had some trouble playing with the band to the point where the sessions almost broke down into a shouting match between Larry, the band, and producer Bruce Dickinson. Bruce had a fever, and the only prescription was more cowbell. Larry complied whole-heartedly and the track was laid down with success. Saturday Night Live recently filmed a short version of this story, but however took some artistic license and changed Larry's name to Gene. However, they used a perfect lookalike in the short piece. You can view it off your favorite P2P network.

So you see? They were all famous before U2, so they are clearly a supergroup.

PS: None of this is real. If you think it is for even a brief instance, you are an idiot. Thank you.

My mobile phone is beeping at me. Obviously, I've left it on. For how many days, I don't know. Only problem is, I can't find it under all my assignment junk on my desk. Brilliant. Why can't mobile phones stay permanently charged? I hate putting it on charge, only to forget it's there and get in a panic when I need to use it and can't find it, and I hate accidentally leaving it on for days only to find it's got no charge left when I need it (as I OFTEN do).

Who needs a mobile phone? Stupid devices.

This Geography assignment is really annoying. Wow, now that's an insightful comment on the merits of it, isn't it? But it IS. I'm sick of drawing this stupid map, I'm sick of these annoying appendices I have to add, and I really hope I get them and everything else done by 1pm today so I can take it into school. Oh yes, and I also need to fix up the formatting of my English assignment and make it look all good and I-put-effort-in-y seeing I'm handing it in today as well. So I am actually going to school at one point today, just thankfully not for long.

I really hope I'm not getting some problem with my wrist. All day yesterday, this pain in it started building up, and by the end of the night I had to wrap a bandage around it to keep it steady and to help me keep going and work on my Geography assignment. This could be really bad news if it decides to resurface during an exam, because it got to the point where I simply could not write. Ah well, it seems to have gone away today, so that's good.

I've discovered that whatever team I bet on in sport loses, so this weekend I'm going to bet on Australia in the World Cup final, because then they'll lose. I had a two dollar bet with James that NZ would beat Australia, and then a two dollar bet with Alan that France would beat England, and I lost them both. So now I need to find six dollars. Why six instead of four? Because I'm going to have a bet with anyone who'll take me up on it that Australia will win next weekend, and by doing so, it's win-win for me: either Australia will win and I'll get two bucks, or even better, Australia will lose. See, I don't care if I lose money, just as long as Australia loses. So yes, France went down to England last night, even worse than NZ went down: 24-7. Jonny Wilkinson scored all 24 of England's points - that man is a goal kicking, points scoring machine. I'm picking England to beat Australia, and I damn well hope I'm right. And hopefully NZ will beat France in the third place playoff on Thursday. Shame I'll miss it because I'll be at Presentation Night - even if you're not getting an award, you're required to go. I guess I'll just have to tape it. Go the All Blacks! I haven't lost hope. As long as Australia loses to England and NZ beats France, I think that'll mean NZ will have the best overall record at World Cups: first, fourth, second, third, third. Australia is: ?, first, ?, first, second. I know one of those question marks is lower than fourth because NZ's the only team to have made every single semi-final.

What's the deal behind some people calling themselves Prayer Warriors? I really don't get it. "Ooo, look at me, I'm a Prayer Warrior. Here's my sword! Watch me slice you into tiny little pieces like any Good Christian (TM) would!"

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